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Help Desk Software

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Going far beyond a help desk ticketing system, NetHelpDesk can
be used to collate all of your business practices
in one place, saving time, money and effort.

First Class Apps

For Smartphone Users

Take NHD with you

Our Smartphone apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone
and BlackBerry have industry leading functionality
we've never seen anywhere else in a help desk software!
They're also free to download and use!

Powerful Tablet Apps

For Tablet and Phablet Users

Purpose built for larger screens

Our apps for iOS and Android apps are purpose built for larger screens.
we've never seen anywhere else in a help desk software!
They're also free to download and use!



for all

Create ANY kind of report from ANYTHING
stored in the help desk software database in ANY way you need,
and schedule to your teams and/or customers at ANY time.

About NetHelpDesk

NetHelpDesk is a privately owned and run UK company that sells just one product; a help desk software product called NetHelpDesk.

Our help desk software has been developed and evolving since 1994, meaning that we have over two decades of experience in the help desk software industry, which allows us to offer help desk software that competes, but a lower cost than our competitors.

We operate our help desk software operations out of the UK headquarters, but we have satellite branches in other areas of the world, and support customers globally in all timezones. The solution is sold to a global customer base on most continents, in a variety of languages including English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

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What makes us different?

  • First Class Professional Service

    We provide premier support for our help desk software, and our team of consultants are ready to assist in your transition to NetHelpDesk. Whether it is implementation, customisation, on-site and/or remote training, process streamlining, data migration, or your favourite third-party application integration with our help desk software. We want to help make the move as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

  • Personal Dedicated Support Team

    When joining NetHelpDesk, you will be assigned an Account Manager, and a dedicated support Technician. Our team are invested in making NetHelpDesk a success for your company, and so we really do care about your business, and what is best for you. Your success is our success. We want you to be with us for many years to come, so we treat you with the respect you deserve.

  • All Modules as Standard

    Unlike our competitors, we give you all software modules, and all functionality, as standard. That's right. You read that correctly, don't worry. There are no hidden costs. As we add new features to the help desk product for other customers, you benefit from having the option to upgrade to the latest version at no extra cost. Read through all the release notes to see if it's the right move for you, and all you need is an up-to-date maintenance contract. That's it.

  • Customisable to any Industry

    NHD can be tailored to literally any industry or company type. Some of our large global customer base include non-IT related companies, such as energy management, restaraunt chains, facilities management, human resource companies, and many, many more. You can customise fields and create new tables in virtually all areas of the product, and produce customised web interfaces for your end-users with all your own corporate branding.

  • Integration with other apps

    With so many amazing products on the market, our help desk software has already integrated with some of the biggest names in software, including QuickBooks, Sage, KashFlow, Xero, GFI Max, Kaseya, N-able, LabTech, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, VNC, Remote Desktop and many more. Tell us which products you prefer to use, and we’ll help integrate it for you!

  • Bespoke Development

    No software fits your needs perfectly, and most help desk solutions will probably match between 70-80% of your requirements. It will also mean you having to change the way you work around the software. Not with NetHelpDesk! Tell us what you need to make NHD at 100% fit and we will deliver. This is usually free of charge, and delivered within 28 days of the order being placed.

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"NHD has really revolutionised the way we deal with help desk service enquiries, and it puts us streets ahead of the industry norm in terms of client communications and enquiry recording/auditing. We’re working with them now to add in features we would like to see as the product moves forward, and booking in our yearly site visit to help us streamline our practices. From the initial enquiry, to present day, we rate their service 10 out of 10."

Steve Roberts, Premia Solutions Limited, UK

"The simplistic format is extremely user friendly which provides the Help Desk with the right information. NetHelpDesk also provide a great customer service within their own Helpdesk, ensuring queries are fully understood and a suitable timely answer is provided."

Linsey Smith, ICT Portfolio & Quality Manager, Intu Properties plc, UK

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