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#ChallengeNHD Twitter Campaign

We started our #ChallengeNHD Twitter Campaign in July 2012, to have anyone challenge the NetHelpDesk development team with their required feature or features, that they wanted to see in our Help Desk Software product.

At NetHelpDesk, we take the extra step to help make the fit of our product to your requirements a 100% match. So many of our competitors have spoiled the marketplace, that we are often met with their disillusioned Customers, who are wondering where the catch is.

They just don't believe us when we say we will deliver what we say we will, when we say we will. We have done it for so many Customers in the past, who have stayed with us for many years, some very high profile Customers.

To prove that we do what we say, from 1st May 2014, we will start adding to this page all of the changes we have made in our product based on these #ChallengeNHD requests, and tweeting the success. Have a read through the archives on the right, and see what we have offered to other customers; proof that we do what we say we will. Some customers have asked to remain anonymous.

#ChallengeNHD Help Desk Software Feedback

"The software is incredible. We are so much more efficient and effective Help Desk with NetHelpDesk handling our tasks, projects, time entry, and QuickBooks billing.

The only thing more impressive than the software is your programming team who are taking great care of us. They have added two options to the latest version that will make us an even better IT support company. Companies just don’t do that anymore.

Your customer service level is exactly what I’m trying to accomplish at Guardian Computer. With your help, we may actually get there."

John Prejean, Decision Maker

Guardian Computer, LA, USA

"I just want to thank you for the excellent support that I have received over the past few months while testing NetHelpDesk. It made the whole process easier, knowing that I had your support.

I also wanted to thank Paul and the developers for implementing the changes that I had requested even though we hadn't purchased the software yet :) NetHelpDesk met most of our requirements, but thanks to these changes, it is a perfect fit for us.

It has been some of the best customer service I have ever received."

Christopher Fey, Decision Maker

FYidoctors, Canada

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