IT Service Management Software Aligned with ITIL

IT service management software overview

Understanding the difference between ITIL and IT service management Software. This is not necessarily a comparative but more of what are the benefits of them being combined together. IT service management (ITSM) is what an organisation would do to manage the information services they provide to their customers. IT service management software is not merely the software tool used it is also about the process, employees and technology used to provide that service. However the right software is a key component to a good ITSM solution.

ITIL, IT Infrastructure Library, refers to a group of documents that were created to provide guidance and a structure for building an IT Service Management solution. ITIL came about when organisations began to make the move to digital technology in the 1980’s. ITIL was established to have two purposes: to define terminology used in the industry and to define the best practices for such IT Service Management. It was quickly found that organisations that support an IT infrastructure can become increasingly efficient all while reducing the cost of their service management by adhering to processes recommended by ITIL. Some terminology that is used in every day ITSM such as “Incident,” “Problem,” “Change,” “Configuration Item (CI),” and “Configuration Management Database (CMDB),” all come from the ITIL text books.

There is an organisation which evaluates ITSM software solutions to certify their ITIL capabilities. The aforementioned organisation is known as PINK. By implementing a software which is at least aligned with ITIL processes or accredited by PINK you can be at ease for when you plan to implement ITIL best practices.

ITIL Benefits with IT Service Management Software

Although there are numerous benefits of adopting ITIL best practices, they need to be tailored slightly to adapt to different organisations, they are more of a guideline to best practices rather than a ridged set of rules. Many IT organisations choose to adopt only the operational processes such as incident management and change management. These are only a small part of the whole ITIL framework but can be very beneficial on their own. At this point of implementing a best practice framework it is good to make an overall strategy to understand the best approach to come up with a good fit for your organisation culture. Some ITIL recommendations might not be practical for every organization however; when providing IT Service Management, ITIL best practices are a good place to start.

NetHelpDesk as an ITIL-aligned solution

By maintaining the standards enabled by our ITIL-aligned solution, our customers have used NetHelpDesk in a huge amount of applications. By implementing the system as an ITIL-aligned ticketing solution, a number of our users have even gone on to gain ISO and BS accreditation, opening up a huge amount of doors for their future operations.

Incident management

Some of our main features like Incident Management for one allows our users to easily track calls, incidents, and requests that require consistent monitoring throughout every step of the process. Each call is tracked in a database, with all notes and relevant information logged against its unique identifier.

Problem management

Another aspect our users who look to implement ITIL process use frequently is our Problem Management feature. This allows users to escalate and manage ongoing problems, investigate root causes of issues, and achieve in-depth resolution to standards far higher than the industry norm. NetHelpDesk allows powerful service management of any issue, enabling your company to deliver exceptional problem resolution.



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