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NetHelpDesk can be used for a wide range of tasks but one of the tasks that we find it used for everyday is as a complaint handling software. No matter what industry that your industry is involved in there is always going to be some form of complaint or enquiry made to your organisation or directly to your support team if you have one. Complaints are not necessarily a bad thing all the time, it allows for things to be rectified in a positive way and can really leave a good impression of how efficient and thorough you are when it comes to ensuring your service is up to scratch. After all we are all human and mistakes are bound to happen someday so it is the process in rectifying those mistakes and ensuring a good impression is made in that process.

Features of an effectively Complaint Handling Software

Handle complaints through multiple channels with NetHelpDesk, whether they come through email, logged in your support portal, live chat or phone. NetHelpDesk, as a complaint handling software, can organise all your correspondence in one interface making sure they are dealt with efficiently.

Categorizing and Prioritizing

One of the most effective ways to combat complaints is to prioritize those which are most serious or need sorting as soon as possible and what better way to do that than to categorize these into an easily recognisable list.

Auto assign tools

When it comes to getting customers on your side, speed of response is the first protocol. Automatically assigning work, or specifically complaints, based on certain criteria can improve efficiency dramatically. Certain members of the team may have different skill sets, based on their experience of similar situations in the past. When calls are raised, you can route the call through to a specific Agent or section, and do so based on certain criteria that may need to be specified.

So whether it is based on a certain word or phrase in the subject or body of the e-mail, a particular category, maybe a predefined Request Type that determines where it goes to in your team, certain customers and more.

Set the team, the person, and set the priority as you need to, as there is lots to choose from.

Self Service Portal

Customer complaint handling does not always have to be done via phone or mail support. Using NetHelpDesk, create a thorough knowledge base and FAQ system with all the previously asked common complaints, so that your customers can directly go to the self-service portal to get resolution for their issues.

Report and Analytics

To help understand complaint trends and the quantity of complaints coming in, NetHelpDesk offers Complaint Reports so that you can have a complete overview of your complaint reports, track areas that require work, understand performance of staff and do the needful to enhance operations. We feel that these are key to a complaint handling software.

The reporting capabilities of NetHelpDesk straight out of NetHelpDesk’s front-end Main Application interface is, essentially, ENDLESS! That’s no humble claim, and we don’t mean it to be.

Whatever you want to report on, you can. If NetHelpDesk holds the data, the report can be created, and available as a one-click on-demand, or built in to schedules for you, your team, members of your organisation, your Customers, or combinations of these options.


NetHelpDesk is one of the best fitting software for any complaint handling management service. It can be easily customised to meet your organisations needs no matter the workload or industry.

For more information on our features or product get in touch here or have a look for yourself with our free trial download here.