The New Age of Customer Service and Help Desk Software

As technology, social media and just about everything evolves with the times it is not as simple as just reacting to customer complaints. Sometimes this may not be enough to ensure customer satisfaction and health of a company’s brand. Social Media gives customers an outlet to express their views and gives them a very powerful voice. Good and bad posts can have a big impact on a company.

This is where customer service tools and Help desk software plays a key role. These software’s aim to ensure a customer query or complaint is dealt with in a timely manner. Keeping in mind the customer happiness and brand satisfaction in a world where consumer voice has never been more powerful.

As previously mentioned the evolution of technology and social media, the Help Desk Technology and tools have followed suit to take the customer service beyond the support ticket mentality. Ticketing is merely the beginning of the service available now. These systems have become multidimensional. This allows brands to monitor customer service histories and personalise the service they provide.

Access while on the move


As we see the growing use of mobile devices and cloud-based solutions, customer service reps no longer need to be stationed at a desk top computer 9-5 to carry out their role. Calls can be routed to workers who are out on the move or allow workers to work from home in some instances. This allows smaller companies to close the gap with bigger establishments who have a full help desk team.

With this in mind you should choose a type of software that will give these type of employees the ability to view, assign, and close tickets from their mobile devices while on the go. On the other side of things these software’s will more than likely allow customers to easily place requests for support with their mobile device. To optimize the option, it would be advised to incorporate easily accessible help buttons on the mobile app and websites to take customers to an interface where they can process these request from their smartphone.

Company Wide Integration


By integrating a companywide help desk software it can improve the readily available customer data on previous interactions with the product. The fluidity between departments collective information can only enhance the service that can be provided to customers each time they interact with the business. On the other side of things from an internal perspective, Tickets can be easily created and assigned to an internal support team by other departments.

The Support that your customers receive from your company can ultimately be the difference between returning customers who will refer others or customers that stay away and encourages others to follow suit. The Software your customer service representatives and internal support team can make a big impact on the service they provide. With the right resources in place, employees can see all the relevant customer interactions and history with the business and can enable a sense of personalization of their needs accordingly.

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