5 Ways NetHelpDesk can Benefit your Organisation

With things ever changing within the technology industry and about every other industry these days, it is essential to have software that is able to be customised and developers willing to update it as things change. Being able to request changes that you need specifically that will tailor the product for you and not just have to wait till it is worthwhile for the software to be updated to make it more business savvy for the supplier. At NetHelpDesk we look to provide the most personal service on the market, we can make the software fit around your needs but for now let’s have a look at some of the main features already incorporated in the product straight out of the box that your organisation can benefit from using.

Self-Service Portal

Everything is about speed today; Self-service is a way of life now in the 21st century. From Checking in online before travelling the world or ringing in your weekly grocery shopping at the ‘self-checkout’ aisle, customers are growing more and more comfortable helping themselves. This is where our self-service portal can come in extremely useful for your customers and you as an organisation. Customers can log in and log their issue then and there and check on the status of their ticket as time goes on. Another aspect of the self-service portal is the ability to share knowledge. This is where the benefits to the organisation are evident, when your customers have the potential to solve their issue by themselves. The result of it is cost effective for your organisation and time saving for both of you.


With so many different products on the market it is increasingly difficult to find a software that will integrate with all the other business apps that you use. Luckily, we already integrate with many of the popular business apps that organisations use. Some of these include QuickBooks, Sage, KashFlow, Xero, MAXfocus, Kaseya, N-able, LabTech, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, VNC, Remote Desktop and many more. The best thing about NetHelpDesk is you can tell us which products you prefer to use and we’ll help integrate it for you if we don’t already.

Reporting Data Analysis

The reporting capabilities of NetHelpDesk straight out of NetHelpDesk’s front-end Main Application interface is, essentially, ENDLESS! That’s no humble claim, and we don’t mean it to be.

Whatever you want to report on, you can. If NetHelpDesk holds the data, the report can be created, and available as a one-click on-demand, or built in to schedules for you, your team, members of your organisation, your Customers, or combinations of these options.

You always have full access to the database back end of NetHelpDesk to write all of your own reports in your report writing software of choice. We also have numerous reporting features, dashboards and Management overviews for you to benefit from, and are adding to these all the time.

Centralise Multiple Departments

With NetHelpDesk you can centralise your organisation’s work into one platform allowing for the distribution and access between different departments and teams. With so many different features available NetHelpDesk can be used in a wide range of departments. Pretty much any department that needs to track tickets or task and put a timeframe on these tasks to be completed by a certain time or date can use our software.

Work on the go

Access to help desk software whilst on the move, is ever increasingly important to businesses, whether supporting end-users in multiple locations, or even in your own business on multiple floors. The NetHelpDesk Windows application is enriched with other interfaces, all built with the purpose of accessing your data whilst mobile.

These interfaces include a Web Interface exclusively for your end-users you support, which is customisable to what you want them to see and how, a Web Interface for your operators or agents, who log in to support the end-users via a web browser anywhere in the world, an iPhone app, an iPad app, an Android app that can be used on smartphones and tablets, and redraws accordingly, and a Windows Phone and BlackBerry app.

Auto Assignment of Tickets

Organisations receive a lot of requests with numerous variances that need to be assigned to different people in different departments. This is when our feature to auto assign by qualification or speciality can be particularly useful when using the software across different departments or teams with different specialities. This allows for requests or issues to be resolved much more efficiently by putting them to the right person from the moment it arises.

If there is anything else you are looking for in a support software, get in touch and ask, we are confident we could help.