Multi Departmental software for any Industry

Ever wonder why you need so many different software solutions across numerous departments? They all do similar things but they just can’t quite cross over to different specific needs to various departments? What if we told you we had a solution to this very problem? Look no further than NetHelpDesk.

We have been trusted by many to implement our software across many different and unique departments. With a wide range of features ranging from asset management and smartphone apps ready to be used on the go, to things like auto assigning support tickets by qualification or specialisation.

Customisable to any Industry

NetHelpDesk can be tailored to literally any industry or company type. Some of our large global customer base include non-IT related companies, such as energy management, restaraunt chains, facilities management, human resource companies, and many, many more. You can customise fields and create new tables in virtually all areas of the product, and produce customised web interfaces for your end-users with all your own corporate branding.

Bespoke Development

No software fits your needs perfectly, and most help desk solutions will probably match between 70-80% of your requirements. It will also mean you having to change the way you work around the software. Not with NetHelpDesk! If it doesn’t quite fit your needs, we will make it fit with our developers always looking for ways to improve our software we can make what you need the next piece of work.

Some of our common Departments

  • Facilities Management

There are numerous features that have been designed specifically with facilities management in-mind. Alongside our main ticketing functionality, there are features such as smartphone apps, asset management as mentioned above but also google maps integration that are ideal for facilities teams. The smartphone app can be used to track tasks while on site and images can be uploaded of certain incidents right then and there. There is also an items and stock control feature that has come in handy for many of facilities management departments when they have the task of looking after all internally used stock.

  • Human Resources

Many Human Resource departments find NetHelpDesk particularly useful to securely track enquires and log sensitive information that can only be accessed by those given permission. Appointments can be scheduled with ease and displayed on your NetHelpDesk calendar or your integrated outlook calendar. Another aspect of NetHelpDesk that many of our current HR customers use is our time management functionality.

  • IT Departments

An IT department receive a lot of requests with numerous variances that need to be assigned to different people. This is when our feature to auto assign by qualification or speciality can be particularly useful when IT issues can be a very specialised area. Tickets can be prioritised to allow for those business essential IT problems to be rectified as soon as possible.



With so many amazing products on the market, our help desk software has already integrated with some of the biggest names in software, including QuickBooks, Sage, KashFlow, Xero, MAXfocus, Kaseya, N-able, LabTech, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, VNC, Remote Desktop and many more. Tell us which products you prefer to use, and we’ll help integrate it for you!

Centralise information from different applications into one, easy to use system. All the integrations are included as standard with your purchase of NetHelpDesk so need to worry about any additional costs.


For more information on our features or product get in touch here or have a look for yourself with our free trial download here.