The top 5 benefits of ITIL aligned software

The top 5 benefits of ITIL alinged software

Article Summary: Top 5 benefits of ITIL aligned Software

1.Creating an alliance between IT and business goals

2. Improved change management processes

3. Greater transparency of IT costs

4. Optimised service delivery 

5. Improved reliability of service

Adopting an ITIL aligned software solution can play a core role in your overall business strategy. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework designed to standardise the selection, planning, delivery and maintenance of IT services within a business. The consequence of this standardisation of process allows businesses to optimise and improve their service delivery and gain greater transparency over their efficiencies and costs. We have outlined below the 5 main business arguments for adopting an ITIL aligned software solution.

1. Creating an alliance between IT and business goals

By adopting ITIL and using an ITIL aligned software solution, you create the opportunity to help fuse your IT operations with your business goals. The popular axiom is that ITIL does not create business strategies, rather, it enables and supports them by ensuring that IT and business work according to aligned goals. As a business executive, securing an ITIL aligned software and ensuring ITIL’s standards are fully integrated into your IT services is paramount to delivering greater accountability into your organisation and increasing visibility of the utilisation of your resources.

2. Improved change management processes

An industry standard change management procedure is key in providing greater accountability for your organisation and avoiding service disruptions to critical services. Change management aims to ensure that standardised methods and procedures are used for efficient handling of all changes. A change is an event that results in a new status of configuration items, is cost-effective, enhances business process, with minimum risk to infrastructure.

3.Greater transparency of IT costs
As indicated earlier, embracing ITIL will help your executive team gain greater transparency over your IT costs.  By adopting ITIL procedures, you can provide greater clarity of the utilisation of your IT resources and ensure your team and assets are allocated correctly. Operational processes, such as incident and problem management, are more efficient, controlled and measured, which can increase productivity and the satisfaction of both staff and customers.

4.Optimised service delivery

By using proven ITIL processes, you will see a marked improvement in your service delivery metrics. By using an ITIl aligned software solution, you can quickly create optimised incident management and problem management processes and workflows.  These then allow your organisation to quickly restore services and use trusted, well developed workarounds. This in turn ensures a faster and improved customer/end-user experience.

5. Improved reliability of service

Again, by adopting rigorous Incident and Problem management processes, you are able to anticipate and avoid disruptions to service. ITIL processes can introduce more accountability to major incident reviews, help eliminate root technical causes, and prevent such incidents from reoccurring. These together improve your overall service reliability metrics.

ITIL Qualifications 
For more information regarding ITIL in the UK, see Axelos, a joint venture set up in 2014 by the Government of the United Kingdom and Capita, to develop, manage and operate qualifications in best practice.

NetHelpDesk as an ITIL-aligned solution
By maintaining the standards enabled by our ITIL-aligned solution, our customers have used NetHelpDesk to help optimise their service delivery. Below is a list of some of the features that are included within the NetHelpDesk product that are aligned with ITIL best practices:

Incident management

Change management

Knowledge management

Service catalogue

Asset management 

Reporting suite