Call Management and service desk automation

Call Management and service desk automation: Introduction 

Call management forms a core part of your omni-channel support and service desk operations. Optimising your call management operations is best achieved through automating the daily processes your support agents perform, such as logging tickets and reviewing client records. Integrating you support calls directly into service desk software is one way to help automate basic workflow processes, such as associating the incoming call with the clients records and opening up the ticketing screen on your service desk software. This is a quick guide on why you need to automate your call management services.

Why integrate your phone system into you service desk software? 

Integrating your soft phone system into your service desk software can help form the basis of your call management operations. When you integrate your service desk platform into your phone system, you can benefit from automated access to full customer history, automatic ticket creation, call recording and other time-savings tools. When agents provide phone support from the same platform they use to manage all other channels, agents can focus on resolving issues instead of workflow.

From a reporting point of view there are a number of key data points that you can monitor through your call management operations. These include how many calls agents take, and how ticket volume from your phone channel compares to other channels. If you have integrated into your service desk software, you can retain this data and feed it directly into reports and live data dashboards for example.

Call Management and service desk automation
Call Management and service desk automation

By integrating your two systems, you save time and resources through automated agent workflows, as well as gaining valuable insights through the generated call data.

How NetHelpDesk can help: Call Management features

NetHelpDesk offers a flexible and powerful integration with a range of soft phone providers to help facilitate the optimisation of your call management operations. You can enable this on our new web application and can seamlessly open client records and log tickets from the NetHelpDesk call handling screen.

If your phone system supports an integrator application, you can configure your integrator to display the call handling screen when a call is connected. To do this, configure your integrator so that when a call is connected it runs a command to open a browser at our special URL, where @callerid is the callers phone number.

If you would like in introduce automated call management into your service desk operations, please get in touch with our team today. Our Support team can assist you in integrating your phone system and offer you advice on best call management practices.

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