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The City of Cardiff Council made the switch to NetHelpDesk in July 2016; moving from QSM as it was no longer supported. QSM was being used by a range of departments, including ICT, facilities management and member's enquiries, and the replacement system needed to have the flexibility to suit the different requirements. Before deciding upon NetHelpDesk, extensive research was undertaken to shortlist products that offered the functionality required and a high level of service alongside. NetHelpDesk proposed that Cardiff bought an Enterprise license to allow for an unlimited number of agents using the software; ideal for multiple departmental use. Following a tender process, NetHelpDesk was chosen because it provided Cardiff with a cost effective solution to centralise their business systems.

Cardiff City Council Office

"NetHelpDesk's flexible approach has allowed us to seamlessly replace the existing system whilst maintaining service to our customers. The training and consultancy services provided allowed us to train all staff involved, identify and develop areas of improvement."

Andrew Hopkins, ICT Applications Team Manager - City of Cardiff Council


The implementation began with detailed scoping of requirements and from this a project plan was drawn up. On-site consultancy was separated into blocks, to allow Cardiff City Council to digest the work carried out between visits. Through initial meetings, it was decided that ICT would be the priority, as knowledge of NetHelpDesk within ICT could then be used to support other departments.

During the configuration multiple integrations were put in place to allow NetHelpDesk to centralise the different processes. These included integration with multiple Active Directories, Lansweeper asset management tool, Xcalibur asset management tool and an in-house SACM system. As well as the integrations, some customisation was done to improve the efficiency of members of the service desk. NetHelpDesk added a unique customer ID number to the main ticket view and a link to support contracts based on the external customers logging a ticket. NetHelpDesk was happy to include all the customisation within the original consulatancy agreement; as the changes made clearly added great efficiency gains for Cardiff.

Once implemented, training was scheduled. Cardiff City Council allocated a project manager to handle the internal logistics of ensuring that everyone received the relevant training. NetHelpDesk provided both one to one training for administrators and group seminars to all other agents. The pace of the training was really appreciated and everyone had a good understanding when it came to going live with the system the following week.

A similar approach was taken to the other departments having NetHelpDesk implemented. Requirements were scoped, configuration delivered and training provided to ensure that the process of going live went smoothly.


At the time of writing, NetHelpDesk is implemented within ICT, member's enquiries and facilities management. A total of 13,000 tickets are logged monthly between 50 different teams and NetHelpDesk has resulted in significant efficiency gains. A second phase of implementation is being discussed, with the aim for Cardiff City Council to implement NetHelpDesk in additional departments. Having purchased the enterprise licence there would be no additional licencing cost. As well as the increased usage, the use of the mobile applications within the facilities team and connecting Sharepoint within the NetHelpDesk knowledge base are being discussed.

Nominated for SDI Best Implementation of an ITSM Solution 2017


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