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About RHM

Two Gloucester based entrepreneurs founded RHM in 1992. Changes in legislation created an opportunity in business to business telecommunications, as a result, RHM was born. Their two founders are still majority shareholders. Their Chairman, Roger Head, is Deputy Lieutenant of Gloucestershire and will be High Sheriff of Gloucestershire in 2015.

In an industry that has seen much consolidation and Venture Capital backed growth, RHM remain privately owned with no borrowings, no overdraft and only answerable to their customers.

They look after customers throughout the UK. Customer service is at the heart of everything they do. Many of their customers have been with them since the beginning in the 1990s.

They are a medium sized communications reseller with a turnover of about £6m and 54 staff. More than half of their team are immediately responsible for delivering outstanding service.


"RHM had been using Salesforce for several years, as it met our Sales requirements very well. However, it didn’t meet the required functionality for our service desk. Like any good business, we believe support is every bit as important as sales activity. So, we conducted extensive market research looking for a product that met both sales and service desk requirements."

"Upon finding NetHelpDesk, their strong help desk software product offering caught our eye; it met all of our service desk needs, and hit most of the sales requirements. When we approached them, it was evident that their service was unlike any we had experienced previously. They offered to migrate all existing Salesforce data, and duplicate any functionality available in Salesforce into NetHelpDesk, to meet 100% of the sales functions needed."

"Not only was this unprecedented, they offered all of this service included in the standard pricing model, at no extra cost. Their implementation was smooth, and hassle-free, which I’m sure most will agree is critical to any business. The After-sales support has been every bit as exceptional as the Pre-sales support was, provided by the same team members, who have key knowledge of not only our company, but our industry too."

"We are very happy with the end result, and believe this comes from NetHelpDesk’s "can-do" attitude; nothing is ever a problem for them. Whatever we have asked, they have delivered. Other suppliers rarely do this anymore. There were no stumbling blocks that they didn’t meet head on, and overcome."

"We recommend NetHelpDesk to our Customers, and would do so to anyone looking for something more than just a great product."

Nick Thomas, Managing Director - RHM Telecommunications Limited, UK.

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