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The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) was established by the Environment Act of 1995, it is the official organisation responsible for the protection of the environment in Scotland. The requirement of SEPA set out in the Environment Act is to be responsible for local air, water and land pollution. They Made the initial switch to NetHelpDesk in December 2015 having previously used Hornbill Supportworks solution. Their main reasons for choosing NetHelpDesk was for in their words ‘the willingness to accommodate their requirements’, our helpful support and hugely competitive price. ‘The response from your support team is always quick and helpful, that counts for a lot now a days when many software firms just want to sell you the product but don’t have the necessary support in place’.

Cardiff City Council Office

"The Scottish Environment Protection Agency required a one stop system for the many different enquiry types we receive from both Internal and External customers. Having 350 Technicians, 16 mailboxes, 1200 Internal customers and handling 93,000 public calls (2014-2015) allows SEPA to efficiently transfer calls from our Communications centre to the correct department and ensures our customer enquiries are tracked efficiently.

The reporting for our management team has been improved with Automatic reports run to allow rolling comparative reports on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly terms. NetHelpDesk has provided us with a system which meets SEPA’s conditions and their response to our requirements is always fast and efficient either with development needs or in Support. Our Technicians have moved from our previous system to NetHelpDesk with a minimum of training due to the intuitive UI. "

Alan Johnson, IS Project Manager - Scottish Environmental Protection Agency


SEPA use NetHelpDesk throughout their company in many different departments, both internal facing agents and external public facing agents. Some of the internal teams include their IT and HR departments as well as a department they call safety cover. The Safety cover department is in charge of tracking their staff when they are deployed in dangerous or hazardous working environments when they may become at risk. They use the SLA tracker to ensure the time of an operation does not run over and ensures the safety of their staff.

A few External facing teams to note are the Official Ministerial Enquiries team whereby an MP may ring up after receiving a call about an environment issue that needs to be looked into. The information is gathered and logged officially for the Scottish Government. Another interesting department that use NetHelpDesk at SEPA is the freedom of information department, this is where in accordance to the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 all environmental information must be stored and readily accessible if someone of the public want to know about it. Last but not least is the science advice centre which is due to be implemented in December 2016.

The Main features used across various departments include incident and problem management, asset management, change management (change to the infrastructure) and information management. While using all these features they were able to stay integrated with their companies Intranet, their asset database, their cisco phone system and all their exchange mail and calendar services.