Help Desk Software Notifications, Escalations and Alarms

Notifications for your End-users, your Agents, Primary Agents, Account Managers, Project Leaders, as well as Escalations, alarms and Event Handling are real-time aspects of NetHelpDesk.

We understand that you may not live in our product, and will need to interact with it when not logged in. Our Notifications, Escalations and Alarms functionality will help you and your team work more effectively and efficiently, whilst giving you maximum data very quickly.

You choose the request data you want to go out with the notification, based on $variable strings in the e-mail templates that are customisable, and rich text formatted. Never miss a marked event again, with functionality seen in many Microsoft-based products.

Help Desk Software Agent Notification Template

Example of a operator Notification E-mail Template using $variables.

Help Desk Software Agent Notification Email

Example of a operator Notification E-mail as seen in Outlook.

When a significant event, such as when a new request is created, or a call approaches being overdue, or when a call is re-assigned, NetHelpDesk can optionally inform anyone you define. This can be just the Agent dealing with the request, or his section or every Agent. When there is a change of service status escalation events are generated, based on the criteria you determine, and sets the call with the defaults you use.

VIP Escalation.

NetHelpDesk has lots of features to help your end-users to be kept up-to-date regarding priorities of calls, or whether calls have been created by people in their area. If you have someone special on site, such as a CEO, Manager, Team Leader, Dean or Headmaster (the list goes on), you can set a priority that their calls are automatically escalated to, and also separate notification levels too.

What you want, when you want.

A 'tool tray' icon program that sits in your tool tray waiting for escalation messages is available with NHD as standard. Escalation messages are queued until received by the Agent they are destined for. Escalation messages are generated by a separate program that runs on a server.

Our product and company has developed over many years based on Customer feedback and requirements, so if there is another way you feel would help you in this area, feel free to speak with us about your ideas. We can usually add in new features quickly, and usually free of charge.

Just contact our team to discuss your requirements. If there are any features you would like to see added to our help desk software, just let us know. See our #ChallengeNHD Twitter campaign for more information.

Our software is available on multiple platforms...

NetHelpDesk is available on a range of devices with industry-leading functionality available throughout.

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