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For you and your team to be able to log into NetHelpDesk, each of you will need your own named account. Each account set up, when active, uses 1 licence from your licence file.

These tabs contain advanced features, which are pre-set to sensible options. You can tweak desired options per Agent at a later stage.

New Agent Using the Selected Agent as a Template

Used to clone an existing account, to create a new one exactly the same. Prompts will appear for the basics needed for every account; Name, Password, Windows Username and Email Address.

Re-assign all Tickets from Select Agent to Another Agent

If an Agent is on holiday, or has left the business, use this button to quickly reassign all tickets from one account to another.

Create Agents Using LDAP Sync

If your Agents are part of a container in your Active Directory, create them quickly using this wizard, with user mappings of Active Directory fields into NetHelpDesk.

Copy Windows Preference from the Selected Agent to Another

Takes the selected Agent’s configuration file, and duplicates it for the other agent, covering items such preview screen depth, treeview column width, and so on.

Add / Edit Templates

If creating large amounts of Agents, templates is a sensible option moving forward. Some companies will create a template per section, or ‘group’ or ‘team’ of Agents.

So, for the Support Team have one, for the Development Team another, and so on. Some go one step further, and have two or three templates per team, for different levels of role or responsibility.

How you use Templates is completely your choice. Not all settings are available in the templates, such as Agent Preferences. They are configured by the Agent when they log in, and go to N > My Account > My Settings.


Covers the main settings for the Agent, such as screen refresh intervals, or Start-up Window.


How the Agent will be kept informed about what is happening in NHD, when they are not logged in.


What will they be able to use and access, and what they won’t have authorisation to do.

Features Visible

When main feature areas are switched on in the Main Configuration, set whether they will use it or not in practice.

Agent Accounts

Each Agent account uses one licence. Due to the tracking of tasks in NetHelpDesk, we do not allow for generic accounts to be used. NHD can be used for audit tracking, recording most of what an Agent does in the program, time and date stamped against their Account.

If you need more licences, just speak with the Sales Team at NetHelpDesk, who will be able to inform you of current list prices, and any discounts your organisation may be entitled to, or special promotions running at the time.


The Main Details related to the Agent, with the core items being NHD User Name, NHD Password, Windows User Name, and Email Address(es).

There are other items that can be added, such as telephone number, Job Title, Working Hours and Template to be used for more generic settings in the entire account.

General Settings allow for individual settings for the Agent, such as what they see by default when they log in, and which field chooser settings are used for columns in the main screen.

If there are fields in any of these areas that are not needed, please don’t complete them. If you’re not sure, just leave until you have completed your training, or your more familiar with the software. It is only the four core items above that are mandatory to create the account.

The Calendar integration allows for each Agent to have their own unique identifying colour, so this can be set in the Details screen, as well as a personalised Email Signature, which will be inserted into an email template, where the $SIGNATURE variable is being used.


The escalation facility will regularly scan the NetHelpDesk database, inform Agents of their chosen options for various events taking place, so that they can react to them when not logged into the main product.

The most commonly used ones are email, which use their own email template, and Popup, in conjunction with the Notify program.

Agents will only be informed of these events if the notification option is switched on, in their individual accounts. They can change these themselves, in N > My Account > My Settings.

PLEASE NOTE: For email notifications to work, please set up a mailbox in the Email section of the Main Configuration. NHD will be unable to send email notifications without this being done. If you need any assistance, please speak with a NetHelpDesk representative.

Each Notification type is grouped into three (3) areas. Each one supersedes the previous one, so ensure only one (1) is selected for any notification type.

“Assigned to Me”

“Assigned to my Section”


i.e. If for New Request, you selected “Assigned to Me” and “All”, and you receive a new request assigned to your Agent account, you will receive two (2) e-mail notifications in your e-mail program for the same ticket.

Not only are your calls under “Assigned to Me”, they also come under “All”. If you selected all 3 of the options above, you would receive 3 notifications for the same ticket. Make sure you only select 1 of the 3.

There is also an option for “Unassigned” under most of these e-mail notifications.

There are six ways of notifying Agents: E-mail, Pop-up, Tray Icon, Sound, Web Message and SMS.

The type of action that occurs is defined for each Agent using the Agents setup screen above. A fine degree of granularity can be set to try to control the level of messaging, which can be intrusive and counterproductive if not set at an appropriate level.

You can optionally choose to send notification messages to a Primary Agent, a Secondary Agent or an Account Manager at the Area/Client level. Edit the Area/Client and go to the Informative E-mails tab to configure which Notifications get sent to which Agent.

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