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Approval Processes Guide

NetHelpDesk can create approval processing for tickets. In your organisation, you may need different types of approval for different types of call.

An Approval Process can be started at:

A ticket can be approved in several ways in NetHelpDesk:

Option e) allows for someone to approve a process for multiple sites, whereas option c) allows for someone to approve a process at just that one site.

Create an Approval Process

Approval by Change Advice Board (CAB)

If an approval process is to notify a group of Agents, instead of just one Agent, the CAB option is available.

Approval by Defined End User

At each Site level, one End User can be defined under each Site that can approve as part of an approval process.

Approval by “Department” Head

A “Department” can be created that allows one End-User to be nominated as the “Head of Department”. This feature doesn’t necessarily refer to a Department within your organisation, or your Customer’s organisation. It merely allows one person to be nominated as the “Head Approver” for users over multiple sites.

Approval Process Rules

NetHelpDesk allows you to set option rules that can be used in an approval process. The first rule in the sequence that matched the values that you choose is used.

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