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Archiving Guide

Using the archiving data functionality in NetHelpDesk will move requests, actions and attachments for closed calls, based on a date parameter, to a separate database called NetHelpDesk_Archive in your NetHelpDesk instance.

Requests will then be archived that were closed between the date range specified in the archiving area. After this process is completed, archived data will only be accessible using the View Archived Data button in this Archive area.

PLEASE NOTE: Before proceeding, we strongly recommend that you ensure that none of your Technicians are logged into the database, that NHServer process is paused, so that the database is not updated during this archiving process.

Once this is done, it is imperative that a full copy of your database is taken at that point, so that it can be reinstated, should you experience issues along the way.

If your database is large, we would recommend archiving in small chunks.

Archiving in Chunks

NetHelpDesk comes bundled with a Microsoft SQL Server Express edition. Microsoft impose a database limit of 10GB. To allow the database to grow larger than this, you must purchase a copy of the full version of Microsoft SQL Server from your Supplier.

The majority of people who are happy to use the Express version may want to use this archive data procedure, to save some space, and split the data into 2 smaller databases.

In any case, if your database is large, we would recommend archiving in small chunks. So, if you have a 10GB database, and you want to halve its size to 5GB, there will be a lot of data to process.


Let’s say that you started using NetHelpDesk on the 1st January 2010 and the date today is the 1st January 2015, which would mean there is 5 years of data to archive. Instead of archiving all in one go, specify a smaller date range to begin with, in the archive date fields.

So, instead of specifying 01/01/2010 to 01/01/2015, instead specify a smaller date range like 01/01/2010 to 01/01/2011. NHD then can archive a fifth of the data you want to archive first, and you can then move onto the next fifth, and so on.

Once this is completed, and all is ok, you can then specify a smaller date range like 01/01/2011 to 01/01/2012, and so on. That way, the archiving process will be dealing with smaller chunks of data.

This is especially useful if you have NHD installed on an older server, with less resources.

To access the Archiving Data area, go N > Process > Archive Data.


You can then specify the date range you like, and click Archive Data Now.

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