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Automation of Assigning

1. Go to N > Setup > Advanced Options > Advanced Features > Automation of Assigning.

Auto Assign 1

2. In this area, you can create rules to be matched, and set a sequence order in which they should be mapped also. As soon as NetHelpDesk finds a match, it will assign based on that information.

Please note: The rules work on an “AND” matching criteria, rather than “OR”, so if you specify more than one parameter to match by, then NHD will need BOTH to be matched, in order to route calls to the correct area.

3. Select from the following criteria to be matched, and routed through to a section or a Technician specifically. (Indicated by the Red Box in the screenshot)


Category 5 (this is the database name)


Request Type





Category 2 (this is the database name)


Category 3 (this is the database name)


Category 4 (this is the database name)

Asset at Site

4. Select the Technician AND Section. If there is no Technician specifically, but routing through to a team of Technicians, select Unassigned, Load Balance, or Round Robin.

5. Load Balance will auto assign based on the number of requests that are open for a Technician, so in a team of three, if two of the Technicians have 5 requests open, but one has only two requests, the option will assign to the Technician with two requests, until all Technicians have an even number. If all numbers are even, it will assign based on Technician ID number.

6. Round Robin works down the Technician ID number list.

Auto Assign 2

To activate the rules being matched on new requests,

1. Go to N > Setup > Advanced Options > New Request Settings > Assignment of New Requests to a Technician.

2. Select Use Auto Assign Rules for the settings and rules created to take effect.

Auto Assign 3

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