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Billing Guide

An Overview

1. NetHelpDesk can produce a billing report and Excel-formatted invoices for the work carried out during a period for each Area/Client.

2. This invoicing information can optionally be transferred to a Third-Party accounting package for collection and processing. (i.e. link to QuickBooks or Sage Accounts.)

3. NetHelpDesk offers flexibility in the invoicing mechanism, and has a number of parameters and templates that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the types of contracts you have in place.

4. Each Client can have a contract that defines how work, or actions taken by Technicians, is charged.

5. NetHelpDesk can charge differently for different request type/charge code combinations.

6. This allows a Manager to define how charging will occur, and so the Technician can to carry out the actions without having to know what is chargeable, and what is not chargeable for each Client.

7. The contract can have Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) elements, Pre-Pay elements and Fixed Price elements.

8. You define which combinations of request type and charge code are associated with each element:


The Client is simply billed for each action taken by the Technician.


The Client pays up front for a certain amount of resource. This is used up as actions are performed by technicians.

Fixed price:

This is where the Client pays a fixed amount per period, and receives selected types of Request Type/Charge Code combinations at no extra cost. This can be an unlimited amount, or it can be capped to a limit. If the limit is exceeded, the remaining work can be optionally billed for. The period can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

e.g. A Client may receive 10 hours of remote support a month for free. Any extra hours are charged for. Alternatively, all Remote Support may be free, but Installation work and On-site work is charged for.

9. Items of Hardware or Software can also be billed for, and the information recorded against each helpdesk request. Travel and Mileage can also be billed for, if necessary.

10. If a Client does not have a contract, then all the work will be treated a PAYG, and be invoiced as soon as it is completed. This can be disabled, if needed.

11. Invoices are produced at the end of a period.

12. Optionally, interim invoices can be produced for PAYG work done and items issued before the end of a period. By default, interim invoices are produced.

Billing Details

The parameters controlling invoicing are set at Area/Client level on the Billing Details tab.

The fields on this screen are:




Displays Start and End Dates. Add new contracts as needed. Dates cannot overlap

Invoice Template File:

A different Excel template file can be used, if required.

Include Actions on Invoice:

Details of each action taken are shown on the invoice, if checked.

Note for Next invoice:

This note is shown on the Invoice.

Last Invoice Period End Date:

The date that the last periodic charge ended.

Account ID for Accounts Interface:

The Account Number in Sage or QuickBooks.

Periodic Charge Tax Code:

Used in Third Party Accounts software.

Chargeable Work Tax Code:

Used in Third Party Accounts software.

Don’t Do Any Invoicing

– Exclude from Invoice Runs

If you wish to exclude this Area/Client from invoice runs, check this box.

Send Invoices by E-mail in Sage:

Automatically Checked for Each Client.

Show Contract Summary on Web:

If you wish the End-user to be able to see a current summary via the web interface, check this box.

Overriding Charge Rate Values:

These values override the global values for each charge rate set in Options > Setup > Billing > Global Charge Rates.

Contract Details



Billing Period:

Choose Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. An invoice will be produced for each period, once the period has finished.

Only Bill At End of Period:

No Interim invoices for PAYG and/or items will be created.

Period Charge Amount:

The amount to be invoiced each period.

Recurring Pre-Pay Amount:

Creates a pre-payment history record automatically for each period. The billing for this is not handled by NetHelpDesk.

Pay-As-You-Go Details:

Enables PAYG, and determines if travel and mileage are charged for.

Pre-Pay Details:

Enables Pre-Pay, and determines if travel and mileage are charged for.

Pre-Pay / Payment History:

View and enter details of non-recurring payments.

Fixed Price Billing Plans:

Each plan has a description, and an amount of hours that are free. When this amount is exceeded, the remainder can be treated as PYG or Pre-Pay.

Billing Plan Combinations:

This list shows how each combination of request type and action charge code is treated. In the above example, all Remote Support work is considered to be part of the Fixed Price plan. It is effectively free of any extra charge. But On-site work is invoiced for as PAYG.

Unlisted Combinations:

How NetHelpDesk will regard anything not covered by the above rules.

Billing Procedure

1. Invoices are produced from the reports menu using the create invoices button.

2. All cleared requests that do not have an invoice number yet will be processed. Except when:

a) The “date occurred” is before the Contract start date.

b) The “date cleared” is after the period end (except when interim invoices are allowed).

3. This allows you to invoice for all work up to the end of a period, and optionally for PAYG and Items issued, up to a selected point in time.

4. The selection screen allows the option to run a “Trial Run” that will not update the database.

5. A billing report can be produced along with Excel invoices, if required.

6. The layout of the invoice can be customised for each client, as required.

7. The template Excel file can be edited, as needed.

8. Variables in the file control where the fields are printed. Different templates can be used for different Clients, as necessary.

9. An optional transfer of the invoice data to a Third-Party Accounts package will occur if this has been defined in Options > Setup > Billing. The contents of the transaction file can be viewed here also.

10. The transactions can be sent to Sage or Sage, or alternatively, can be cleared out and not processed.

11. NetHelpDesk warns about outstanding transactions, as normally you would process them after starting the create invoice function.

12. Each action has an invoice number and date field, which are filled in by NetHelpDesk.

13. This can be reset using a button on the Request Invoice Details screen, if you need to re-process the invoice.

14. You can prevent a request from being invoiced on the Request Details screen > Invoice tab as needed.

15. Each item on the request has a separate invoice number field that is used to determine if it has been invoiced.

16. The format of the Accounts Interface details can be set up in the options screen. This allows you to add the symptoms, or some other data into the Third-Party Accounts package. The Global Charge Rate details screen also contains similar settings.

Item codes needed in the accounts package

There are item codes that must exist in the accounts package. The values for these are setup on the Billing Tab screen and global charge rate description screen below.

a) Periodic contract charge item

b) Charge rates

c) Also each item billed for in NetHelpDesk should have an accounts item code too.

1. If these do not exist in the Accounts package, then the log file will say this, and the transaction will remain in the transaction file.

2. You can then correct the Accounts package and finish processing the transactions.

3. Each client in NetHelpDesk has an accounts ID, for the Accounts interface. Set this to the Accounts package Customer Code/ID.

Advanced Options

There are three advanced options that can be set on the Billing tab:

Allow Editing of Invoice Number.

Allows manual editing of the field called invoice number (Not recommended) Normally the system controls this field.

Only process closed Fixed Price requests.

If not checked, fixed price work will be reported based on the date that the action was taken. If checked, will be reported once the request is closed.

Show All Billing Plans on Billing Report and I/F:

If not checked, only chargeable work will appear. Fixed price will not.

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