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Call Management Guide

Integrating with Telephones

The Escalator Client in the NetHelpDesk folder can be run on the local workstation, and used for the TAPI Interface.

When a user calls, the Escalator Client will open up; click Sync to Main Program and NetHelpDesk main Windows application will open. If in the Main Screen, the cursor will be positioned by the user in the tree view with that telephone number, allowing you to quickly see outstanding requests, or raise a new call.

To setup:


1. For incoming calls, you will need to make sure that the TAPI drivers for the phones you are using are installed on the local workstation. These can usually be downloaded from the handset maker’s website.

2. The NHEscalatorClient.exe program is included in the NetHelpDesk folder. You need to open and run this on the local workstation for the TAPI interface to work.

3. When running, the program will appear in the system tray icons.

4. Double click to open.

5. Click the setup button.

6. Ensure that the TAPI Enabled checkbox is selected.

7. Select the correct TAPI device from the Line Device drop down selection menu.

8. Click Save & Close.


NetHelpDesk allows you to dial a user’s telephone number directly through TAPI device by pressing User phone icon.

It will use the default TAPI device on the workstation.

To set the default TAPI device:

1. Open up the Windows Dialler program.

2. Tools > Connect Using > Select Line.

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