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Communicating in NetHelpDesk

Once a ticket is logged, and a Agent is assigned to it, we have given three examples of how to communicate via the ticket. There are three preconfigured action buttons to carry these out: Email End User (public action), Internal Memo (private action) and Close Ticket (public action). These are purely sensible examples, and can be customised to fit around your existing processes.

Email End User

The Email End User allows the Agent to send an Email to the end user, for tasks such as asking for additional information, updating on progress, confirming further information from a phone call and so on.

Internal Memo

The Internal Memo action allows the Agent to add information that the end user will not see. This can be used for tasks such as adding notes regarding a ticket, to remind them what to check for, additional information for the follow-up ticket, keeping track of progress, and so on.

Reasigning A Ticket

Once a ticket is logged, and a Agent is assigned to it, that Agent may not be able to resolve the ticket on their own, and they may need to assign the ticket to another Agent. The Re-Assign button allows the Agent to move the ticket to the queue of another Agent. This can be used for tasks such as asking for advice, asking them to pick up the ticket moving forward and so on.

PLEASE NOTE: These, and all other Action Buttons, can be customised, from their text label, which description is used in the actions grid of the ticket, the picture associated with the action button, the order it appears in the view, Email templates associated with them and so on.

If you unsure how to customise actions, please ask any of our team to assist you.

Logging To Supplier

If you are using Suppliers in NetHelpDesk, there is functionality that allows you to log tickets to the Supplier, Vendor or Manufacturer, and log all communications with them, against an end-user’s ticket, or maybe your own internal tickets.

It logs the Emails from the external Suppliers, and weaves them in with the end-user’s Emails, in an accurate time and date stamped chronological order. These Email communications can be made public to the end-user, or hidden from them, depending on preference.

Typically, the Supplier will have issued you with their own reference number or help desk number to work with their own help desk software choice. This feature in NHD matches an incoming Email from a supplier to a field in NetHelpDesk, and if a match is found, the incoming Email is treated as an update to the existing ticket.

The normal matching rules are done in order to identify the Email as a supplier update type of ticket. The Email is then further examined by NetHelpDesk to find a matching start and end tag, or a start tag and a length value. The value is extracted from the Email, and used to match against the selected field. If a match is not found, the Email is treated as a new ticket, and the Supplier reference is stored in the new ticket.

To set this up:

PLEASE NOTE: These rules work on an “AND” basis, not an “OR” basis. So if you add an identifier parameter to more than one line, they will need to ALL be matched, for the rule to work.

If you have different parameters for different Suppliers, you will need to add multiple Email rules. These rules are unlimited.

Add this in the Match to an existing Supplier Ticket using these values. If matched then add as a note to the ticket area. This could be their own unique identifiers in their Email subject lines, that their help desk software. In the example below, the rule would check for a Supplier's reference in the following format: SupplierRef[12345]

The system will look for the value 12345 in the field called Suppref, which is shown on the additional tab of the ticket screen. The system accepts several Emails from suppliers and link all of them together to just one ticket.

Comms 1

Should you have any questions regarding any steps in this guide, please speak with the NetHelpDesk Support Team.

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