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Contract Documents Guide

If you have contracts specified against Customers in NetHelpDesk, the program can generate contract documentation with useful information, into a standardised template, or templates.

In the installation folder of NHD, there is a Sample Contract Letter document, formatted in Microsoft Word, which can be used, and customised as needed. It is better to leave a copy of this basic template to one side, should you ever need to refer back to it. If you experience issues with your sample letter, our support team are also available to assist with anything you may need help with.

The Word document can be edited to include your corporate logos and appearance, and the text you require. NHD doesn’t mind what you put in the document, the fonts or anything else. The most important part are the Mail Merge fields that specify data out of the database, and onto the page itself.

The data that can be populated includes:


Contract is for the client named:


Address of the site with the Contract Contact


Address of the site with the Contract Contact


Address of the site with the Contract Contact


Post code or Zip code of the site with the Contract Contact


Right Click > Edit User > Advanced > Misc > User is Contract Contact.


Just the First Name of User for Contract Contact


User for Contract Contact Work Direct/Extn Number


User for Contract Contact Email Address

Tickets By End User > Right Click > Edit Customer > Contracts Tab > Select Contract > Edit >


Details > General Settings > Contract Type


Details > General Settings > Contract Reference


Contract Database ID


Details > General Settings > Contract Start Date


Details > General Settings > Contract End Date


Billing Tab > Accounts ID for Accounts Interface


Billing Tab > Accounts Email Address in Billing Tab


Details > Billing Settings > Billing Period


Details > Billing Settings > Charge Per Period


Details > Billing Settings > Annual % increase per Asset.


Details > Billing Settings > Payment Method


Details > Additional Billing Settings > Contract Created By Technician


Details > Additional Billing Settings > Ticket ID linked to Contract


Notes Tab

Save as many different versions of this template as you would like. Have multiples per customer if you need to. The idea of this functionality is to populate data quickly. If we haven’t included what you need, just contact our NetHelpDesk team.

To use the contract document creation functionality, go to Tickets by End User > Right Click > Edit Customer > Contracts Tab > Select Contract > Edit >

Towards the bottom of the Contract Details screen, click the Print Contract button. The Contract Word Letters screen appears, with Sections down the left hand column, and Word Templates in the right column.

Contract Docs 1

Once the Word Templates are created, these can then be selected in the Contract Word Letters screen. Upon selection, NetHelpDesk will action a mail merge of data from the database into the specified fields in the Word Document.

Please Note: Make sure you do not have any other Word documents open when running this mail merge procedure, especially the Word Templates themselves.

Once the document is merged in Word, you can do anything you like with this document. First of all, we would recommend saving it. Some customers like to create a folder in the Win folder, specifically for contract copies. Remember to add these to your backup procedure, if the Win folder is not already part of the backup procedure.

Should you need any assistance with any steps in this guide, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

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