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Contract Management Guide

When working with external customers, the support that is provided to them changes over the course of time. As their business and yours grow, the requirements and the resource required to support increases, and a good help desk software will support you with the administration of this.

An Overview

NetHelpDesk allows for Contract Management to help control what is sold to your Customers. They can be tied in with Billing Plans to control what work is done for them, and what they are billed for. We start the advanced features section with contracts before moving onto Billing, as they are independent from one another. It is possible to have contracts without integration with billing, in the same way it isn’t necessary to have contracts in order to bill.

The extent that you use NetHelpDesk to control your Contracts is entirely your choice. If you need NHD just to track dates and documents, it can. If you need NHD to work out what is billed, where and how in accordance with contract data, it can. Whichever options you use, NHD is here to support you.

Right click on an Area/Client > Edit Area/Client > Contracts.

The contracts are Area/Client specific as they have ties with Billing if necessary, and Billing can only be done at the Area/Client level. Speak with Support Team about the best way for you to organise your treeview, in order to bill your Customers effectively.

Each Contract has an ID, a Start Date, an End Date, Reference, Type and notes on the main screen. The options to Add, Edit or Clone are available. Deleting Contract is done inside it.

Please note: In the following part of the guide, any term or terms that refer to using NetHelpDesk for billing purposes includes using NetHelpDesk reporting for billing the Customer.

Even if NHD is not to be used to inject data into a third party accounting system, or NHD Billing itself is not used, but having a breakout of data is necessary for your Accounts team to bill customers properly, use whatever is needed in the product to help you achieve this. The relevant areas can still be reported on.

Adding a Contract

To add a contract to your Client/Area:

1) Click Add to begin adding a Contract.

2) The screen that appears is only an introductory questionnaire, asking the basics of a contract. None have to be completed to continue into the contract, so click OK to continue. Alternatively:

3) Specify the Start Date of the Contract with your Client/Area.

4) Next, you can use either of the two options:

a) Specify the length of the contract in billing period units, or

b) Specify the end date.

With either option, the Contract itself will have a specified end date.

5) The Billing Period is specified next.

a) If you are not using NetHelpDesk for billing, whether with integration with a third party accounts software or not, leave as the default “Monthly” option. It won’t have any effect if not using NHD for billing.

b) If you are using NHD for billing, integration options or NHD Billing, specify the billing period, how often you wish to charge your Client/Area for your services.

6) Period Charge amount should be left as zero if not using billing, or place the amount in numeric of what will be charged in your currency.

Please Note: NetHelpDesk does not use currency to bill your customers, and uses no currency symbols in its billing processes. This is determined by your Accounts software, and relevant to how this is setup there.

For example, if a South African customer is charged ZAR R50,000 a month, and a United States customer is charged USD $2,000 a month, both will specified as 50000 and 2000 respectively. By the time this information is inserted as part of the billing process into your Accounts software, it will be charge by relevant currency, as it is specified there. NetHelpDesk only needs to pass the amount to those software, not the currency.

7) The hours per period is specified to show how many hours added in time to requests, form part of this contract. Again, this is only pertinent if billing with NetHelpDesk.

If the number is unlimited, skip this part, and continue to the full contract screen.

8) Date of the first invoice, when you would like NHD to take over the charging of the Customer. Again, not necessary if not billing from NetHelpDesk.

Once clicking OK, at any time in the above 8 steps, NHD will continue to the Contract Details screen. This screen will contain any information that is added in the above interview steps, and can be amended as necessary before saving.

There are then 3 areas to complete if required, separated out for easier understanding.

a) General Settings

b) Billing Settings

c) Additional Billing Settings

General Settings is relevant for all contracts, whether billing or not. The other two apply to only billing options. NHD uses $variable parameters to inject data from NHD onto invoices in your billing software.

General Settings


Contract Type

Organise the types of contracts you have for auditing or reporting purposes. These types can be edited in Advanced Options > Advanced System Settings > Lookup Codes > Billing Description.

Contract Reference

This free text field allows you to specify your own Company reference for this contract.

Contract Status

Specify the status of the contract, which NetHelpDesk has suggested some sensible options. The list can be edited in: Advanced Options > Advanced System Settings > Lookup Codes > Contract Status.

Contract Start Date

If not answered in the initial interview, specify here.

Contract End Date

If not answered in the initial interview, specify here.

Date Sent

For your own purposes, when the contract is sent to the Customer.

Date Received

For your own purposes, when the contract is received back from the Customer signed.

Billing Settings


Billing Period

How often should NetHelpDesk note that the Client/Area is charged?

Charge Per Period

How much should NetHelpDesk charge every billing period (numeric only, no currency symbols are used.)

Add on charge per Asset (set at Asset)

If a charge is added per asset, this checkbox activates the functionality. The charge details are set at the Asset level.

Annual % increase per asset. On.

Payment Method

A record of how they will usually pay for reference. The list can be edited in: Advanced Options > Advanced System Settings > Lookup Codes > Payment Methods.

Additional Billing Settings


Date of Next Invoice

The specific day of the year that NHD will next specify to charge the customer for the billing period set up.

Hours Per Period

If a certain number of hours are included, specify here. What happens after will be controlled by the Billing Details tab of the Client/Area level. If unlimited, or not relevant to what is charged to Customer, tick the checkbox.

Invoice Description

Add a description of the contract, and this can be injected onto the invoice if required. Otherwise, for internal notes purposes.

Additional Tabs



Free text area to specify any notes relevant to contract, negotiations or otherwise.

Assets Included

An area that will display the Assets included in the contract, and this is specified at the Asset Level or use button.

Additional Buttons


Add / Remove Asset

Add an Asset that is included on the contract, or remove.

Delete Contract

Only to be used if Contract is created in error.

Print Contract

Use a Word Template to populate data from NetHelpDesk Contract information, and create document to send to Customer.

No Attach.

Attachments area for contracts. Whatever you like added.

Our Support team are available to assist with anything you may need.

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