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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Guide

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in NetHelpDesk covers anything that involves your existing client customer base that needs to be managed, such as contracts and invoices. It can also be used by Account Managers, for work outside of sales opportunities, which may potentially lead to new revenue afterwards.

For example, if your customers sign up for services your company provides, the management of their individual accounts is essential. Not only to ensure they remain your customer, but also to tap into additional sales opportunities, such as renewals, additional services, bolt-ons, and so on. The Account Manager(s) can use the CRM area to record conversations with the customer, and set up follow up dates. By building a CRM history on each customer, it becomes easier to manage your customer base, the core structure for any business to build upon.

From the CRM area, an overview is provided of the main areas of NHD features that are being used in relation to the customer. Not just tickets, but contracts, documents, invoices, recurring billing items, tasks and appointments, CRM notes or emails, quotations, sales orders, purchase orders, assets, and different site locations. There is also a shortcut to the Client data repository, the ability to add additional notes, set follow up dates, add customer-specific Agent popup notes, customer-specific call handling notes for the telephone integration features, and more.

In the View ribbon on the main screen, there is also a feature, which appears when in the CRM area, called Today's Call Plan. As you add notes to customers accounts, and specify follow up dates, NHD will start organising your daily call plans for you. When clicked, all customers will be filtered that have a follow-up date of the current date, or older.


Today's Call Plan

In the main program, go to CRM > Customers to show your client list as it appears in the tickets area. Each customer on the left hand side will show the ID number of the customer, customer name, Accounts ID (if one is specified), Account Manager (if one is specified), and the Next Call Date (if one is specified on a previous note).

Go to the View Ribbon > Today's Call Plan and any customer with a next call date that is specified as today, or older, the view will filter to show only these. Simply press the Today's Call Plan button again to switch it off.

Once you have spoken with the customer in any way you feel necessary (telephone, site visit, email, written letter etc.), then click Complete Call to bring up the Call Note Screen.


Complete Call

Whenever you speak to your customers about their account with your company, usually it will be to make sure they are happy with the service, what works well, what doesn't. Are there any outstanding issues that need resolving. Are they happy with the renewal costs with current levels, or are there any additional services or products they require. Right click on the customer in the customer list, and click Complete Call for the note capture screen to appear.


As you call the customer, you can record notes as you go, in the call note area. NHD will retain the information in the screen until you either click SAVE or close out of the screen. There is no timeout on this screen. If you do not click SAVE, no data will be recorded.

If you are recording time spent on calls, the Time Taken field can be populated. This data can later be reported on, to see how long Account Managers are spending with their customers, and also any type of time needed to resolve issues outside of typical tickets or projects.

Next Call Date

By setting a date in the future, you set a record of the next time a call is due for that customer.


The date field can be clicked to show the calendar screen, to make it easier to choose the next date based on your own schedule.


There are shortcut buttons available, which capture a standard call time follow up, such as +1 week, +1 month, +1 year. There is also a No Call button, which will clear the Next Call Date field, should you wish to clear this.

Should you want to set the next call date without adding a note, click Complete Call, change only the date and click Save when you are finished. If any editing or anything add to the Call Note field, NHD will add this as a new note. If it is left alone, it will only commit the Next Call Date data to the database.

Customer Activity Overview

The Customer Activity preview screen allows a peek into those areas, with some key data you may wish to use to review and prepare your contact with the customer.

These areas are left as simplified as possible, to provide as much on the screen as possible. Each header in the view has a filter button, which allows including and excluding of data for more drilled down data access.


Additional options will appear at the very bottom of this screen section, and will change depending on the area being reviewed.

Editing General Notes / Tech Pop Up / Call Handling Note

When first looking at these screens, you will see that the Save button is grey.


If you add or edit anything to this screen, the Save button will change to a blue colour, to indicate changes have not yet been saved. Once clicked it will go grey again, and edits will be saved.


Should you have any questions regarding any steps in this guide, please speak with the NetHelpDesk Support Team.

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