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Custom Objects

NetHelpDesk has lots of functionality, and a high level of customisation to allow the product to be tailored to any type of company, in any type of industry. One of the best features for customisation in the product is the ability to create custom tables, tabs and fields to capture any type of information, in key parts of the software.

The areas where new tabs can be created are:

Table Name



Appear in your Requests (tickets, jobs, work orders).


Appear in your Area/Client Details screens.


Appear in your Site Details screens.


Appear in your User Details screens.


Appear in your Asset Details screens.


Appear in your Contract Details screens at the Area/Client level.


Appear in your Action details screens within a Request.


Appear in your Item details screens for item and stock control.


Appear in your Supplier Details screens.

The tabs can be labelled whatever you need them to be, so if you want a tab called “Bananas”, you absolutely can do. We don’t mind what you label them, as long as they are relevant to you.

Within those tabs, there are multitudes of different types of field data that you can capture.

Field Name



Provides a single line for data entry.


Provides a multiple lines for data entry.

Drop Down

Provide drop down of selections for a single selection.


Provide drop down of selections for multiple selections.


Captures date with full calendar


Captures time in 24 hour clock format.


Provides a checkbox for confirmation of a question/option.

When you have decided on the types of fields that you would add to those tabs, you can then start adding them to the function of the software you would like to see them.

The one area that is different to the rest of the areas in NetHelpDesk is “Request”. In the Request screens, you can add these fields to be populated by your Technicians, you end-users or a mixture of both. You can also have advanced field visibility, where one only appears based on another’s specific input.

To start with adding new fields to your requests:

  1. Click N > Setup > Main Configuration > Custom Objects to configure.
  1. Click Add to start adding to the Request Details screens.



Field Name:

When naming the field, it will always begin CF for Custom Field.

Field Label:

This is how it will appear to Technicians in the Request Type

Type of Field:

Six field types available; Text, Memo, Drop Down, List box, Date, Time.

Hint for Field:

Small note to help indicate what field is asking for.

Field Choices:

Some options, such as “Drop Down” will need the selections, separated by commas.

Shown on Tab:

If more than one tab created, select which one it will be shown in.

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