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Document Management

That infamous term "paper-free" did not lessen the burden of documentation required for any organisation, and instead of piles of paper, we have folders stocked with files. Having easy and transparent access to these documents, will help improve efficiency and lessen admin burden on your teams.

The types of documents that can be added to NetHelpDesk are:

1) Store and access documents that are fixed (such as signed documents that never change).

2) Store and access documents that change (such as policy documents that constantly change).

3) Store and access documents that are web based (such as Microsoft knowledge articles).

NetHelpDesk can help store any type of file, whether Adobe, Microsoft, Media, Design, Technical and so on. They could be photos, procedures, and contracts; whatever you need. Even if not created in NetHelpDesk, store Quotes, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders. They can be added to the following areas:

  1. Site
  1. Projects
  1. Asset
  1. Central Documents
  1. Opportunities
  1. Suppliers
  1. Requests
  1. Knowledge Base.
  1. To list all of the documents against a site, simply right click on the site > List Docs.
  1. To list all of the documents against an Asset, simply go into the Asset Details, and click the Docs button on the right hand side.
  1. To list all of the documents against an Opportunity, open the request, and click Attachments.
  1. To list all of the documents against a Request, open the request, and click Attachments.
  1. To list all of the documents against a Project, open the request, and click Attachments.
  1. To populate general documents to appear at all sites as standard, go to N > Setup > Advanced Options > Doc Folders / Other Tab > Global Documents – Visible to all End Users.
  1. To list all of the documents against a Supplier, go to the Suppliers Area, double click to access the details of Supplier, go into Contracts Tab, and click “Attachments (X) where X represents the number of attachments. If no attachments exist, the button will say “No Attach.”
  1. Use the “List all docs” option in the Knowledge Base to see all documents throughout NetHelpDesk regardless of where they are linked to. Alternatively, go into an entry. Static Attachments and moving documents are available from the bottom right hand menu options.

You can group documents together by creating Document Groups in the Advanced System Settings > Lookup Codes. Also make documents available on Request templates, to follow during procedures and ensure all documentation is available to your team for high auditing quality for ISO etc.

It is also possible to make documents available to your End-users via the End-user Web Interface by adding them to the site level. Multiple quotation templates are available to attach standard documents to quotes in one click. See their part in the main guide for further details.

Our Support team are available to assist with anything you may need.

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