Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Whilst you migrate to NetHelpDesk, and begin using all of our great CRM functionality, your data may be already in an external product, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As we get requests from other customers to migrate data, we add the functionality generically, so all customers can enjoy, and customise it around their data migration requirements.

To access this in NetHelpDesk, go to N > Setup > Main Configuration...

Dynamics CRM 1

and either go to Integrations

Dynamics CRM 2

or Database Imports.

Dynamics CRM 3

These are just links to exactly the same functionality, for your convenience or preference.

As with most functionality in NetHelpDesk, there is helpful text on the screen to assist. The Dynamics CRM functionality allows for your customer records to be synced from your Dynamics CRM database to NetHelpDesk.

Dynamics CRM 4

To do this, a UDL (Data Link) file will need to be setup, which connects through to the Dynamics CRM. Place the .udl file in the root of the NetHelpDesk folder (not in Win, Web, SQL or Log).

Dynamics CRM 5

What is a UDL file

When you installed NHD onto your server, there were three main components; the Windows application that runs NetHelpDesk's User Interface, the SQL Server database, where all of your information is stored, and a .udl (otherwise known as a Data Link) file, which told the Windows application where the SQL Server database is located, to store and retrieve data from.

When looking at creating a Dynamics CRM Data Link file, as with a NetHelpDesk one, there are three main main parts of the file;

If a) and b) are set correctly, c) will be selectable. If not, the drop down will not work. You probably will not get to the Test Connection button if these two are incorrect.

Dynamics CRM 6

Starting the Sync

Check the box to Enable Dynamics CRM integration, and then click Dynamics CRM Mappings. The default information mapped includes:

Area / Client




Email Domain



Other 1

Other 2

Other 3

Other 4

Other 5



Telephone 2


Home Telephone


Once happy with the mappings, simply click the Run Dynamics CRM sync to start the sync.

Dynamics CRM 7

Should you need any assistance with this, or any other feature in NetHelpDesk, simply contact us. We want you to get the most from the product, and our teams are always happy to help.

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