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Email Templates

Email Templates in NetHelpDesk come predefined with sensible suggestions, in the “Standard Messages” Email template group.

If you are to use more than one mailbox in NetHelpDesk, or want to use Customer-specific templates for Customers that differ from the others, it is possible to add more Email Template groups.

To add more, go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Email Message Groups and add more. NetHelpDesk will create a new group, which you can then tailor as necessary.

The Email Templates allow advanced ticket communication processing, by predefining the look of Emails before they are sent out, and include ticket relevant information. We have added some sensible suggestions in, but encourage all customers to personalise their templates to fit their corporate identity.

The $variables in the body of the template are recognised by NetHelpDesk as needing be populated with that data and into the Email body. The $DATEOCCURED for example, will include the date that the ticket was logged into the NetHelpDesk database. The $FAULTID will be populated with the Ticket ID number, and so on.

The Email templates are Rich Text formatted, so you can customise the text according to your needs, and add embedded images into the body, such as signatures, and so on.

To edit Email templates:

    1. Click N > Setup > Main Configuration > Outgoing Mail > Email Templates to configure.

    2. NetHelpDesk has many Email templates that can be configured to include text and images that you need to send out, as well as populate data from the database through variable strings.

    3. As you will see in the screenshot, each Email template has three sections: Description, Subject, &Body.

    4. Into each of these sections, you can add or amend any text as necessary. The Body is in Rich Text format, so can include embedded images, such as your company logo.

    5. The four main Email templates to focus on are:

Message Description


New Ticket Acknowledgement:


Action Email:


Closure Email:


Agent Notification Email:


    6. In any of these sections, it is possible to add “Variable Strings”. These strings allow for relevant information to be pulled from the database, and into the Email. Click the Insert Variable button to see the full list of available variables, and the content they display.

Should you have any questions regarding any steps in this guide, please speak with the NetHelpDesk Support Team.

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