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Secure SQL Password

When installing NetHelpDesk using the installer, if choosing for the installer to setup its own SQL Server instance, a standard “sa” username and database generated password is used. This information is stored in the .udl file that connects the NetHDClient.exe to the database.

If it is preferred for NetHelpDesk to not store those details, and instead create another unique SQL password, and hide these details in the .udl file, there is a simple routine to follow.

1. Ensure that NetHelpDesk is installed, and the licence files for your NetHelpDesk instance are in place. This can be confirmed by going to N > Help > About NetHelpDesk.

Encrypt SQL 1

2. Then go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Advanced Settings > Database Maintenance Functions > Secure SQL Server Password.

3. If you do not have licence files in place, you will see the following message:

Encrypt SQL 2

4. If you do have licence files in place, you will see the following message, with instructions on what to do to complete this task:

Encrypt SQL 3

5. As it states, go to the root of the NetHelpDesk folder to find your NetHelpDesk.udl file.

6. Rename this file to NetHelpDeskSecure.udl.

Encrypt SQL 4

7. Open the NetHelpDeskSecure.udl file, change the specific username to nethd and the password is left blank.

Encrypt SQL 5

8. Then launch SQL Management Studio in the environment that the SQL instance is installed, and login as usual.

9. In the treeview of SQL Management Studio, go to Security > Logins. Right click and select New Login.

Encrypt SQL 6

PLEASE NOTE: Before proceeding, you cannot continue to use the “sa” username. Instead, you must create a new username with the same login credentials, but be named “nethd”.

10. On the General page, input a new login name called nethd.

11. Select SQL Server Authentication and input the password generated in previous step.

Encrypt SQL 7

12. Deselect Enforce Password Policy, and the two options below will deselect also.

13. In the Server Roles page, select the sysadmin option.

Encrypt SQL 8

14. In the User Mapping page, in Users Mapped area, select the NetHelpDesk database.

Encrypt SQL 9

15. In the Database Role Membership for that database, select db_owner.

Encrypt SQL 10

16. Click OK to save the changes, and close SQL Management Studio.

17. If the UDL file is specified in the shortcuts on users’ desktops, these will need to be changed to specify the name of the new NetHelpDeskSecure.udl file.

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