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Facebook Integration Guide

If your company has a Facebook page, NetHelpDesk can manage that Facebook page for you, and create tickets from any posts on that Facebook page. You can control which Agent(s) in your team have access to view the Facebook integration, so it is not on show to all. However, by default, without any settings, the integration will show to all Agents.

1. Authorising NHD with a Facebook page

When using the Facebook integration for the first time, the Technician setting up the integration will be asked to log into Facebook, using an account that has administrative rights to the company page you wish to utilise.

Once NetHelpDesk has been authorised as an app on Facebook, no further logins are required, and the Technician can carry on using the integration without the need to re-login.

To authorise NHD:

This will take you to an OAuth web-login form.

PLEASE NOTE: If the page doesn’t load, the page may be blocked by your browser settings, or by your IT team e.g. via a proxy.

The website: “” will need to be either added as a trusted site, in your Internet Explorer settings, or speak with your IT team about allowing this web address through for this process.

You will also need to ensure that cookies are enabled in Internet Explorer.

Facebook 1
Facebook 2
Facebook 3

2. Communicating with NHD through Facebook

Once you are logged into your Facebook page, there will be two screens where you can manage the page; the main Facebook screen, and the Mini-Feed in the Statistics Pane.

2.1 Main Facebook Screen

Once NetHelpDesk has been authorised as an app to interact with your Page, the Facebook management screen is available.

Facebook 4
Facebook 5

Tickets created by Facebook posts will behave exactly the same way, as any other standard tickets in NetHelpDesk

When replying to any ticket created from a Facebook post, the action screen will automatically have a checkbox at the bottom of the action screen saying Post on Facebook. When enabled, whatever you write in the notes field of the action, will post the reply as a comment, on the Facebook post that the ticket was created from.

Any comments on posts that have been turned into tickets, will be automatically added to the ticket as an action, the next time the Facebook feed refreshes.

3. Facebook Mini-Feed

The other way to utilise the Facebook integration is to use the Mini-Feed found in the Statistics Pane, available on the right hand side of the main screen. If you cannot see yours, go to N > View > Statistics Pane.

To create ticket from a Facebook post, you will need to use the Create ticket button in the Main Facebook Screen grid. Please see the previous section.

Facebook 6

Should you need any assistance with this, or any other feature in NetHelpDesk, simply contact us. We want you to get the most from the product, and our teams are always happy to help.

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