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Single Click Feedback Guide

NetHelpDesk has several options available, to engage with your end user at the end of a ticket's life cycle. One is to send them a survey, and ask questions about the service they received. Another is to include single click feedback on closure emails. The latter is more popular recently, as it is less time consuming for the end-user. However, surveys are used to provide more depth for analysis of what went right, and what went wrong.

These features can be used alongside ticket closure procedures, where the end-user confirms that a ticket is ready to be closed, and their issue is resolved. The ticket closure procedure will send customised links, to get the end user to confirm that the ticket has been closed. The surveys can be used in conjunction with this. The single click feedback cannot.

To read the guide regarding End-user Surveys, click HERE.

To read the guide regarding Ticket Closure Procedures, click HERE.

NetHelpDesk can send standalone emails, or closure emails for tickets, with single click feedback embedded. This could be used to send out an email campaign, and monitor responses or to ask for feedback on the closure of tickets, for example.

1. Self-Service Web Interface

In order for the single click feedback to work, the self-service web interface will need to be setup. Even if you do not intend to use the portal for other things, it will still need to be configured to used this feature. Click HERE to read the guide in setting this up.

Make sure to check the correct web portal will be used for the feedback, by going to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Email > Email Templates > Web Site URL and checking the URL specified.

Feedback 1

2. Action Email Templates

The single click feedback can be used in any email template to capture your end-users input on how your service is performing. Simply follow the steps below to add the functionality to the email templates, with the use of $variables.

2.1 What is a $variable?

A $variable is a placeholder in something like an email template or a web page template. The NHD Windows program and Web interface programs replace the $variable with information from the database. So, for example, on the email templates, wherever the $variable $EMAILADDRESS is placed, the user's email address is put. As this information varies from user to user, the $variable acts as a placeholder for that information to be injected by the NHD programs.

2.2 Setting up the Email Template

Most commonly, the feedback will be included on the closure action email template (ID 14), so this is included in the example database shipped with the installer.

Feedback 2

These can be copied and pasted into any email template, including the many User Definable Email Templates (these are from 103 to 127).

NetHelpDesk doesn't mind which images you wish to use. We have included some for you to use if you wish. The most important things, for this functionality to work:

Each picture must be set as a 1 hyperlink, pointing to a $variable specifically for this feature. These are:

Feedback 3

The $variable for each rating will generate a unique link for the end-user to select.

Feedback 4

When they do, they will be taken to your Self-service web interface, and presented with a page informing them which option they selected, and a field to add further information as they want to.

Feedback 5

2.3 Changing Feedback Screens

The page that the end-user is taken to is called feedback.html. If you wish to customise this page, take a copy of the file located in \...\NetHelpDesk\Web\HTML\ and paste into \...\NetHelpDesk\Web\Custom HTML\. You can make the page look however you wish to, as long as you leave the $transaction variable in the page, for the program to generate the functionality.

Feedback 6

To change the messages which appear, go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Surveys > Survey Settings > Edit Feedback Messages.

Feedback 7

There is HTML in these areas, which can also be customised. The most important thing is that in each box, the word associated with each $variable relates to the images used.

Feedback 8

2.4 Negative Feedback

The Feedback 4 variable and message is specifically for worst rating. If used, this will generate a new ticket after the end-user clicks Submit, so your team can follow up on the worst feedback.

To choose the type of ticket this raises, go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Surveys > Survey Settings > Ticket Type for Feedback.

Feedback 9

Shoud you need any assistance with this, or any other feature in NetHelpDesk, simply contact us. We want you to get the most from the product, and our teams are always happy to help.

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