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Column Field Chooser and Filters

Every one of your team will work in different ways, and along with the queue management options we have, we also allow the individual to choose what they want to see on the main screen. The columns show data from the request, and these can be set globally, or each can have their own individual choices.

On the main screen, a "Field Chooser" button is available, to select the columns that will display data. If you tend to use the "By Area/Client" queue, then having Client, Site Name and User Name may not be entirely necessary.

At the top of the treeview, there is also a filter to search for keywords in the Area/Client, Site and User data. This is extremely useful when asking for an end-user's name, typing it, to bring up their account.

The same is available at the top of the main request view, to search the Summary and Details of each of the requests for keywords that match.

An advanced filter also allows to drill down by Request Type, Date Occurred, Date Closed, Resolution Date and Planned Date, SQL filter used in the data analyser, when the last update was added, and whether the request is open, closed or all requests regardless.

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