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Freshdesk Import



The Freshdesk importer can import Clients, Sites, Users, Tickets and Actions into NetHelpDesk. If you are using a billing integration with NetHelpDesk, please speak to your NetHelpDesk representative first for the best way to import customers from both your accounts package and Freshdesk.

Completing the Import:

To begin the process, you first need to export your data from Freshdesk in XML format. There is an option to do this within Freshdesk. This will create you a folder containing all of your data in XML format.

To start the import in NetHelpDesk, you need to go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Database Imports > Freshdesk Import.

This will open up the following screen:

Calendars 1

You can select what you would like to import by checking the relevant boxes. Please note that if you import tickets and actions without first either importing Customers, Sites and Users, or creating the relevant mappings manually against each entity then all tickets will be logged against your default client and site and the ‘General User’.

For the XML location, you simply need to choose the folder that was created by the Freshdesk export. Once ready, click sync now to begin the sync.

Please be aware that the sync can take a very long time based on the number of XML files that you have exported.

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