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E-mail Hashtags Guide

E-mail hashtags allow your Technician users to add actions to their e-mail notifications to send back to NetHelpDesk, and carry out work without being in NetHelpDesk. This is incredibly useful if you are offline, and your Techs want to reply to e-mails, but don’t currently have access to the smartphone apps for some reason.

The hashtags can either be placed at the very end of the subject line, or at the very beginning of the body, without any spaces being used, immediately add the hashtag to carry out the action.

A list of available hashtags are as follows:






Sets “From” address to email address following #F

Subject Line


Assigns ticket to tech name

Subject Line



Closes ticket




Adds private action




Adds time to action



So, for example, if the subject of the e-mail is:

Re: Need help with Calendars – Issues within Outlook [ID:0065125]

To assign to Agent "Sean", add #ASean to the end of the subject line:

Re: Need help with Calendars – Issues within Outlook [ID:0065125]#ASean

This will assign the ticket to Sean.

Should you have any questions regarding any steps in this guide, please speak with the NetHelpDesk Support Team.

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