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Welcome to NetHelpDesk. The installer should be intuitive, and guide you through the process with the minimum amount of effort. Due the flexible nature of NetHelpDesk, certain parts of the install process can be done manually, such as using an existing instance of SQL Server to store the NHD database.

We recommend installing the NHD database into its own SQL Server Instance, using this installer. If you would prefer not to, please follow the manual installation, where indicated.

1. Preparations

There are three main components when setting up NetHelpDesk:

Before starting the install, some basic things to check:

1.1 Component 2

Similar to the Web Interfaces, the SQL Server database does not need to be installed on the same server as NetHelpDesk. If you have a dedicated SQL Server, you may want to use that location, and use the installer there instead.

If you already have a version of SQL Server on the server that you are installing NetHelpDesk onto, you may want to use an existing instance. For this, follow the manual installation of the SQL Server Database guide.

Please note: We recommend that before installing component 2, it is best to install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio alongside the SQL Server Instance. This will help with any troubleshooting issues encountered in the future.

A free edition of Database Tools and Management Tools is available for download on the Microsoft website. This is recommended for queries and so on. Alternatively, you can access copies of SQL Management Studio 2008 R2 via our links below:

1.2 Component 3

If you wish to install the web interfaces, and use the mobile apps (which rely on the web interfaces), some key points:

Installer 1

Installer 2

Once IIS with CGI Module and .net Framework 3.5 are installed, the web interfaces can now be setup.

2. Using The Installer

To install NetHelpDesk, do so in a place that is central for multiple users to access, like a server. NetHelpDesk does not need to be installed on each machine using this installer.

2.1 Component 1

Go to the folder where you have downloaded the folder to.

Congratulations! You have installed Component 1 of NetHelpDesk! Wasn’t that easy?

These shortcuts will point to the Server or Workstation name, or Uniform Naming Convention (UNC) path, rather than “the C drive”. This allows the shortcut to be put onto other Workstations, so others can trial NetHelpDesk with you.

If the installer fails to share the NetHelpDesk folder itself in the location you specified, it will be a local machine privileges issue with your permissions. Ensure that the installer was installed as an administrator and you right clicked to “Run as Administrator”.

Otherwise, all being well, the installer will continue, and this is described below.

2.2 Component 2

After component 1 is completed using the installer, a message appears to tell you that NetHelpDesk needs a SQL Server database.

Here you have three options:

Go to Start > All Programs on the machine to see if Microsoft SQL Server is already installed before proceeding.

If it is, you may want to add the NetHelpDesk database to this existing instance as per Option SQL 2. You can do this manually using the separate guide. We do recommend a separate instance though, as it helps us when supporting you, to keep everything separate.


Congratulations! You have installed Component 2 of NetHelpDesk! Wasn’t that easy?

To use OPTION SQL2 or OPTION SQL3, click No and decide which one option is the best for you. Then, proceed as necessary, using the manual install guide.

2.3 Component 3

After Component 1 and two are completed, a message appears asking if you would “like to setup the web portal”. With the Web Interfaces, you have several options:

Whichever option you decide, ensure that the elements in the “Before You Start” section above have been completed before proceeding.

A. Option W1

Congratulations! You have installed Component 3 of NetHelpDesk! Wasn’t that easy?

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with anyone at NetHelpDesk.


Click No on the installer, and setup the web interfaces manually, as detailed in the manual install guide.

Should you need any assistance with this, or any other feature in NetHelpDesk, simply contact us. We want you to get the most from the product, and our teams are always happy to help.

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