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Jira Integration Guide

NetHelpDesk can create Issues in Jira. A link to any issue created from NetHelpDesk will then appear on the Request Details screen in NetHelpDesk.

1. Pre-Requisites

In order to use this feature, and for this guide to be relevant, the following criteria will need to be met;

2. Key Terms

Here are a few terms which are commonly used in this guide and in the application;

3. Setting up the integration

From the NetHelpDesk windows client go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Change Management.

3.1 Integration Settings

Jira 1

From the change management menu, click on Jira. (Note that this can also be accessed from N > Setup > Main Configuration > Integrations > Jira).

Jira 2

The Jira settings screen will now be displayed.

Jira 3

When all details have been entered (1,2,3,4,5 and 6 above), use the test button (7) to make a test post. If successful you will see a message that a new Issue has been created in Jira, if unsuccessful you will be given the option to view the log file to view any errors.

Jira 4

3.2 Products

For the purpose of this integration, Products are Jira Projects. Each NetHelpDesk Product can be given a Jira Key, which links it to the Jira Project. The default Product is set up in 3.1 (4 and 5). Other Products can be configured by going to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Change Management > Products.

Jira 5

The only relevant settings for this integration are the Name, and Jira Key, both shown below. Note that the Jira Key field will only appear when the Jira integration is enabled.

Jira 6

The Product field can be added to the Request Type and Action Field Lists to allow the Product to be changed for a Request or by an action. The default for new requests will be the default product configured earlier. Adding the Product field to a field list is covered in 3.3.

3.3 Actions and Fields

In order to create an Issue from NetHelpDesk, we need to configure an Action with the system use “Create Issue”. This can be done in Main Configuration > Actions, with either an existing or new action.

You will need to ensure that the following drop down is set to Create Bug/Issue;

Jira 7

If you want to be able to edit the Product through an action, you will now need to add the Product field to the Create Issue action (or another action of your choice).

To add this field to an action, on the edit action screen where we just changed the system use for an action, select the field list button.

Jira 8

On the next screen drag and drop the Product field from the left-hand list to the right-hand list.

Jira 9

To add to a Request Type, go to Main Configuration > Requests > Request types, select a Request Type and choose Field List.

Jira 10

Similar to the actions field list, on the next screen drag and drop the Product field onto the right-hand side.

4. Using the integration

Now that everything is configured, we can create an issue in Jira through a NetHelpDesk action. On a Request select your new Create Issue action. This will open the New Action screen. Complete the form as normal and select Save/Send.

Jira 11

NetHelpDesk will then create an Issue in Jira.

Jira 12
Jira 13

The following fields are sent to Jira:

Jira 14

Jira 15

Should you have any questions regarding any steps in this guide, please speak with the NetHelpDesk Support Team.

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