Kaseya Integration Guide

NetHelpDesk can import Assets and Clients from your Kaseya instance. Each Asset’s and Client’s details can be maintained by creating a scheduled task to run the import.

1. Pre-Requisites

In order to use this feature and for this guide to be relevant, the following criteria will need to be met:

  1. Your NetHelpDesk instance will need to be on version 11.67 or later. In order to check this you can go to N > Help > About NetHelpDesk, and to upgrade you can go to N > Help > Show Release Details.
  2. You will need to have a working, hosted instance of Kaseya.

2. Key Terms

Here are a few terms which are commonly used in this guide and in the application: • Issue – Refers to an Issue in Jira. • Project –Refers to a Project in Jira. • Product – This is the NetHelpDesk Product entity, and is treated as the equivalent of the Jira Project field for the purpose of this integration.

3. Setting up the Integration

3.1 Integration Settings

From the NetHelpDesk windows client go to N > Setup > Main Configuration, and select Integrations from the Configuration menu.

Kaseya 1

From the Asset Management menu, click on Kaseya. (Note that this can also be accessed from Main Configuration > Integrations > Kaseya).

Kaseya 2

The Kaseya settings screen will now be displayed.

Kaseya 3
  1. Enable Integration– Enable or disable the integration.
  2. Kaseya URL – This is the URL of your Kaseya site. This needs to be the root of the site.
  3. Client ID – This is the ID provided by Kaseya when configuring an OAuth Client in Kaseya.
  4. Redirect – This is the redirect URL that you specify when configuring an OAuth Client in Kaseya.
  5. Client Secret- This is the secret code provided by Kaseya when configuring an OAuth Client in Kaseya.
  6. Top level- This specifies the top level at which you would like new customers to be created when importing from Kaseya.

Once all of the above information has been filled in correctly, you can begin the import from Kaseya by clicking the Import Now button (7).

3.2 Configuring OAuth Clients

In order to obtain a client ID, secret and redirect URL, you must first Configure NetHelpDesk as an OAuth Client in Kaseya. To do this, go to System > Server Management > OAuth Clients. Here you will see a list of previously registered clients, and also have the ability to add NetHelpDesk as an authorized client.

3.3 Asset Data

As part of the import, NetHelpDesk will create any fields that exist in Kaseya but are not currently in your NetHelpDesk database. This allows the import to gather all the information about an asset and add it into the assets details. You can view this information by opening an asset imported from Kaseya:

Kaseya 4

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