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Integrating with KashFlow

NetHelpDesk is currently capable of sending Invoices, Purchase (Supplier) Orders and Customers across to KashFlow and can also import Customers directly from KashFlow, if required.

1. Preparation

As KashFlow is a browser based program, there is no installation or additional files required for the integration. All that is required on the KashFlow side is the enabling of API Settings as below.

Kashflow 1

NetHelpDesk will then need to be told what username and password to connect to when initialising the integration. This is set in N > Setup > Main Configuration > Billing as below.

Kashflow 2

2. Importing/Exporting Customer List

To import your customer list from KashFlow to NetHelpDesk, click the Sync Customers/Items from 3rd Party Accounts button choosing to sync Customers and not Items.

This will bring in any customers that do not match a client name already in the system.

Kashflow 3

To export your customer list from NetHelpDesk to KashFlow, click the option to Auto create customers in 3rd Party System.

Kashflow 4

This will export any customers from NetHelpDesk that have both and Accounts ID and an Accounts Email Address as below.

Kashflow 5

3. Posting Invoices/Purchase (Supplier) Orders to KashFlow

Posting Invoices/Supplier Orders is completed in the Accounts Interface of NetHelpDesk, which is found in the ‘Billing’ tab of the ribbon on the main screen.

To post Invoices and Purchase Orders to KashFlow, you will need to ensure that a number of fields match in both systems. The first of these to check is that the Accounts ID in NetHelpDesk matches against the Code of the customer in KashFlow.

Kashflow 6

The second part is to ensure that the Accounts ID for the Item/Charge in NetHelpDesk matches a ‘Charge Type’ in KashFlow, this will ensure that the Invoice/Purchase Order line item is posted against the correct Item in KashFlow.

Should you need any assistance with this, or any other feature in NetHelpDesk, simply contact us. We want you to get the most from the product, and our teams are always happy to help.

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