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Knowledge Base

The NetHelpDesk Knowledge Base (KB) allows you to build up a simple, searchable text database of standard issue encountered by Agents and/or End-users, and their standard resolutions that can help in resolving problems that recur. Instead of knowledge being held primarily in your support staff's memories, it can be kept in the NetHelpDesk database for (potentially) all to benefit from. If support staff leave, or are sick, the knowledge is still accessible by your teams.

Look for the Knowledge base i symbol throughout the product, to access in required places:

Knowledge Base 1

Selected knowledge base entries can be added into FAQ (frequently asked questions) lists. These can be help organise articles into relevant pools, and articles can be added to multiple FAQ lists at the same time. All FAQ lists are set to private unless specifically specified to be made public.

Knowledge Base 2

The FAQ lists can be made available to end users via the self service portal (or web) interface. The end users can only search and view entries that are on FAQ lists that have been marked as public.

Knowledge Base 3

PLEASE NOTE: All Knowledge Base entries are initially private, and viewable by Agents only. They are not visible on the Self Service Portal until they are added to a FAQ list, which has been nominated as a public list. Once added, the article will then appear in suggestions, and/or searchable in the portal search facility.

Existing entries in the knowledge base consist of:

The action buttons available on the article are:

Knowledge Base 4

Searching the Knowledge Base

When first accessing the Knowledge Base, the search box facility is made available. The KB is full word indexed, for easy and more granular searching capabilities.

The entries that have either Excel Server or Novell Server in the entries are then highlighted in red, the ones with just one match are highlighted in black.

Making a New Knowledge Base Entry

To make a Knowledge Base entry:

Paste New Entry

The Paste New Entry functionality only works from requests that have been closed (set to status ID=9). Once in the Closure Details tab of the request, click N > View > Knowledge Base.

Click the Paste New Entry button, and the request’s summary becomes the KB Summary, the request’s details become the full details, and the request’s closure note becomes the resolution. These can be edited and added to, as necessary.

Knowledge Base Articles for End users' Self Service Portal

To make the KB articles visible on the self service portal (or web interface), certain variables can be added to the HTML pages' menu options. These are easily edited in Notepad, and won't require extensive HTML knowledge. If you can edit a Text Document, you will be able to edit easily. To do this:

Knowledge Base 5
Knowledge Base 6
Knowledge Base 7
Knowledge Base 8
Knowledge Base 9

Suggesting Articles before Ticket is Submitted

If you would like NHD to suggest articles based on the content of the Summary they type into forms, switch this functionality on by selecting the checkbox for N > Setup > Main Configuration > Self Service Portal > Knowledge Base Settings > Show Possible Solutions - Exclude words less than:xnumberxchars. Change the number as required.

Knowledge Base 10

This will then allow the end user to type out their issue on the web interface as they need to...

Knowledge Base 11

...and when they click SUBMIT, NetHelpDesk will then suggest articles that may help them. If they wish to continue submitting the ticket, they can select the Continue Adding button.

Knowledge Base 12

Alternatively, if they view the article, it will open in a new tab in their web browser, and they will be able to vote on the usefulness of the article.

Knowledge Base 13

Limiting Public FAQ Lists by Customer

To limit access to certain FAQ Lists, this can be done at the Area/Client level. End users from that area/client will then only be able to view public articles added to the public FAQ lists, which they have been given specific permission at the area/client level. If none are specifically added at this location, then all FAQ lists that are flagged as being available to all end users, regardless of Customer, will remain available on the self service interface.

Knowledge Base 14

KB Attachments

To access KB Attachments via the web, you'll need to create a virtual directory called 'KBAttachments' under your NetHelpDesk site, in IIS on your web server. This virtual directory should point towards the ...\NetHelpDesk\Win\Reports\KBAttachments folder on your NetHelpDesk share. Once that's setup, you will find all of your attachments available in your browser. For further details about the self service portal, see the separate guide.

Should you have any questions regarding any steps in this guide, please speak with the NetHelpDesk Support Team.

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