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Mass Emails

PLEASE NOTE: This functionality still exists in NetHelpDesk, but the Mailing Lists feature is also available, and may be more suited to your needs. Let us know if you need any help with this.

Within NetHelpDesk, the functionality to send an Email to multiple Email addresses stored in your database is available. Each user is sent an Email individually, and will not see Email addresses of other recipients. It will be as if you had sent Email individually, and personalised to the end-user.

Using a query in the Reporting Suite to produce a list of Email addresses and usernames, and then use this list as the “To” address box. Then using the Email templates list to populate the body of the Email, and then simply click send.

Populating List of “To” Email Addresses

In the Reporting Suite, create a new profile that will populate two columns; “emailto” and “username”. An example of a simple query is:

select uusername as username, uemail as emailto, (select sarea from site where ssitenum=usite) as clientid from users where usite=1 and uemail<>''

This query accesses the database to populate the “emailto” column with the Email address of the user, and the “username” column as the user’s full user name, where the site ID is 1 and the Email address field is not empty.

Mass Email 1

You now have a list of usernames and Email addresses to form your sending list.

There are two options, to send to just the “First name” in the username column, or to both, so no matter which you prefer, we will show you how to utilise this functionality later in this guide.

Creating an Email Template

Next, you need to create an Email template to use, to form the basis of what you are sending out.

When editing the template, specify:

Mass Email 3

Sending a Mass Email

On the main screen, Home tab, click the Send Email button. This will open up the Email sending screen.

Mass Email 4

Once you click OK, the Emails will be generated, and added to a queue to Email to your end users. The end-user will then receive an Email, which looks like it was personally sent to them.

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