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MAXfocus Integration

NetHelpDesk integrates with MAXfocus in the following ways:

To get started, in NetHelpDesk, go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Asset Management or N > Setup > Main Configuration > Integrations. Switch to blue to activate.

MAXFocus 1

1. Settings in MaxFocus

In your MAXfocus Remote Management dashboard:

MAXFocus 2

MAXFocus 3

MAXFocus 4

2. Settings In NetHelpDesk

Follow the on screen instructions and choose how to map MAXfocus Clients and Sites to NetHelpDesk ones.

MAXFocus 5

3. Alerts and Recovery e-mails

If you are using the default MAXfocus settings, then the alerts from MAXfocus should be recognised by NetHelpDesk.

If you are not using the default MAXfocus settings, then you may need to edit the MAXfocus device matching e-mail string.

More advanced settings can be found in NetHelpDesk in N > Setup > Main configuration > Email > E-mail Rules. MAXfocus e-mails are matched to this e-mail rule, and a ticket is either created or updated, as required.

MAXFocus 6

The e-mails from MAXfocus have the following default format, and so the Device ID is matched to the above settings for Device ID 354710.




If the outage ‘recovers’ itself, and returns to a normal status, a recovery alert is sent by MAXfocus containing the string has recovered. This term can then be isolated for reporting purposes.

MAXFocus 7

If the NetHelpDesk ticket that was created by the original outage alert remains unassigned, then the ticket will be closed automatically, when it receives this recovery alert.

You can test this functionality by:

In the NetHelpDesk ticket, the Primary Asset will be the Asset from which the Alert has been generated.

This basic setup can be adjusted to use different ticket types for different alerts, and to log tickets against a specific user or site, as required.

Some Alerts that are sent from MAXfocus are not sent with the unique ids in the email headers which makes it more difficult to match against an Asset/Device in NetHelpDesk. In these cases the system will find the next word after “DEVICE” in your MAXfocus email and try to match this to an Asset/Device in NetHelpDesk.

4. Alert Types

To ensure that a ticket is logged for each separate alert type that MAXfocus sends you may want to set up ‘Alert Types’ in NetHelpDesk. To do this you will need to go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Advanced Settings > Lookup Codes > GFIMax Alert Types , here you can add additional types that will be matched against the subject of the incoming email alert and will stop multiple alert types being logged to one ticket.

MAXFocus 8

Should you need any assistance with this, or any other feature in NetHelpDesk, simply contact us. We want you to get the most from the product, and our teams are always happy to help.

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