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Message Groups

Within NetHelpDesk, there are three places where you can specify a which message group an email template should be taken from. Below is a list of where you can set the message group in different areas of NetHelpDesk, along with information regarding the overrides for each setting.

The first place NetHelpDesk looks for a message group is at the customer level. This is specified on the email tab for a customer as highlighted below. If an email is sent to a user who exists under a customer where a message group is set, this message group will always be used, regardless of any other settings within NetHelpDesk. This is the top level override, so it will override any other message group settings.

Message Groups 1

The second place NetHelpDesk looks for the message group is at mailbox level. If you go to N > Setup > Main Config > Emails > Mailbox Setup (under advanced settings)> Edit Mailbox > Set the message group in the box highlighted below. Then, whenever an email is sent using the outgoing override for that mailbox, the message group specified for that mailbox will be used, unless of course, a message group has been set for the client which overrides this.

Message Groups 2

The third and final place that NetHelpDesk checks for the message group is at organisation level. This is set by going to N > Setup > Main Config > Multi Tenancy > Edit Organisation > Select the message group in the below box. Then, any message which is sent from this organisation will use this message group (providing neither of the two above options have been set). If you are using multi tenancy, you can identify which clients are linked to which organisations by going to the restrictions tab on a clients settings.

Message Groups 3

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