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Mobile Apps

1. Download the mobile app service from here.

2. Extract this .exe from the zip folder, and place into the web folder (Default C:/nhweb or C:/NetHelpDesk/Web) on the server that NetHelpDesk is installed on.

3. Add this executable to the ISAPI and CGI restrictions list within IIS.

4. At Server level > ISAPI and CGI restrictions > Add > Browse to the nethdwebserviceB.exe file.

Mobile 1

and check ‘Allow Extension Path to Execute’

Mobile 2

5. You will now need to set up a handler mapping for this executable. At the website level > Handler Mappings > Add Module Mapping >

6. Delete any other *.exe handler mapping for NetHelpDesk at web site level

7. Add a new handler module mapping at WEB SITE level

Request Path:








Mobile 3

8. Right click on the site > Explore.

9. Open up the web.config file located in the Web folder (Default C:/nhweb or C:/NetHelpDesk/Web)

10. Inside should be a sub section called <handlers> that is where you will see the handler mapping you just created. The line should look like this:

11. Add the following to the end of the Handlers line: allowPathInfo=”true” />

Mobile 4

Example of the web.config file as it should be.

12. Restart the Web Site and you are ready to go.

Mobile 5

13. When you launch your app, make sure you use the End-user URL, and not the Technician portal URL.

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