Multitenancy Guide

NetHelpDesk can optionally be used by several companies sharing the same database and Agents.

This is useful if your company offers different types of service under different identities. Your company may be both an ISP and a Network support company, for example. NetHelpDesk calls these different Organisations, and allows you to have different web sites, email addresses and email templates for each Organisation.

Incoming requests can be given to the correct Organisation, and Agents can be linked to an Organisation. Clients can be linked to an Organisation, and in this way, you can restrict which Clients each Agent can see.

You may have an external consultant that needs access to one Client. You can set up a different Organisation for that Client and only allow the consultant access to that one Organisation and its Client.

You can add additional tenancies by going to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Multi Tenancy.

Multitenancy 1

For each Organisation, you can define which Clients are dealt with by the Organisation, and the Agents that belong to each Organisation. You can give access to the Organisations for all Clients and all Agents using buttons one and two respectively on the above screen. Alternatively, you can add these restrictions per Client or Agent.

Clients / Areas By Organisation

Each Client can be linked to one or more Organisation. If you have decided not to add all of your Clients to an Organisation in bulk as described above, you can add each Client manually. Right click Client Name > Edit Client/Area > Restrictions Tab > Add and choose your required Organisation.

Multitenancy 2

Agents By Organisation

Each Agent can be defined as working for specific Organisations. Adding these Agent restrictions will restrict your Agents to only being able to see tickets that belong to an Organisation they have access to. If you have decided not to add all of your Agents to an Organisation in bulk as described above, you can add each Agent manually. To do this, go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Agents > Permissions > Add and select the Organisation from the drop down box.

Multitenancy 1

Self Service Portals By Organisation

Each Organisation can have its own web site and appearance. Just copy the current web site to a new folder and adjust the cnetweb.ini file, to define which Organisation requests will be linked to, if they are logged via the web.

In this example, cnetweb.ini in the nhweb folder contains three lines:




The third line defines that Organisation number 2 is to be used for new requests. To check the ID number for your Organisation, go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Multi Tenancy.

Organisations, Incoming Emails and NHServer

The multi tenancy functionality has been designed to work with NetHelpDesk’s email processing functionality. For every mailbox that you use to poll emails in NetHelpDesk, you can select the Organisation associated with this mailbox. To select your Organisation, go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Emails > Mailbox Setup (Under Advanced Settings) > Edit Mailbox > Details, and select the required Organisation.

Multitenancy 4

Now, when a ticket is created from an email processed from this mailbox, the ticket will be logged against the Organisation you have specified. To check the Organisation a ticket belongs to, open the ticket and go to the Advanced System Fields tab.

Multitenancy 5

If you cannot see the advanced system fields tab, you can turn this on by going to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Agents > Edit Agent > Features Visible Tab > Request Details Screen- Tab Visibility.

PLEASE NOTE: The most important thing to remember when it comes to setting up additional mailboxes for each Organisation, is that your Clients’ Organisation restrictions work alongside this. If a Client sends an email into a mailbox that belongs to an Organisation that they do not have access to, when this is processed by NHServer, this will not be logged against the Client who sent the email. It will instead be logged against your default Client.

Whilst this may at first appear to be an issue, NHServer is actually processing this email correctly, and abiding by the restrictions you have set. This ticket can then be actioned within NetHelpDesk, where you can amend the Organisation/Client that the ticket belongs, or add the Organisation into the Clients restrictions, if required.

Organisations and Notifications

As the Multi-Tenancy functionality has been built to work alongside NHServer, the Organisation restrictions placed against an Agent will have an effect on the notifications that are sent, to prevent the Agent from receiving unrequired notifications.

As an example, consider an Agent which receives a notification for every new ticket which is logged in NetHelpDesk. If this Agent has Organisation restrictions, the Agent would only receive a notification for new tickets that are logged against an Organisation that they belong to.

Should you need any assistance with this, or any other feature in NetHelpDesk, simply contact us. We want you to get the most from the product, and our teams are always happy to help.

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