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NHServer - An Overview

The Email and Attachments, Calendar, Auto-Inventory, Services, Escalations and Alerts, Reports Schedule, Auto-Ticket Schedule, Scheduled Maintenance, and any XML integration are all processed outside of the main NetHelpDesk interface, in a program called NHServer.

The NHServer program must be running a scan for any of the above functionality to work. There are several ways this can be achieved, most popular using the Scheduled Task functionality that comes with Microsoft environments. However, you do not need to use all of these features to use NHServer, and don’t need to use any at all to enjoy the wonderful benefits of the main NetHelpDesk interface.

When launching the NHServer program, you should see the following flash up, albeit very quickly, to confirm that the program is indeed connecting to the database. If it does not appear, the product may open but no data pulled through.

Launch 3

Email Processing

The Email processing procedure is part of the NHServer program. It scans the mailboxes you define on the mail servers of your choice. In the initial setup interview, you may have configured a primary SMTP mailbox for outgoing Emails, and primary POP3/MAPI mailbox for incoming.

Typically, NHServer processes all mailboxes specified in the main Windows Interface. It polls the specified mailboxes for any Emails sitting in the root of the Inbox as tickets in NetHelpDesk. Once it has processed, it moves the Email automatically to the Deleted Items, so it does not process it again.

Those Emails in folders from the Inbox are not processed at all, and are ignored.

To add more than the primary mailbox setup in the initial interview, go into N > Setup > Main Configuration > Email > Advanced Mailbox Setup to specify more than one mailbox.

Due to this process, in the beginning, it is useful to create a specific Email address for this function, and not one used for many other purposes.

Even if you don’t use one already, an Email address such as would be useful, to give to end-users moving forward. End users would then send their tickets and problems to this Email address, and the NHServer interface would then scan the mailbox associated with that Email address, to retrieve and process messages, and create tickets.

How NetHelpDesk processes incoming Email

Remember, that NHServer will process EVERYTHING that is in the root of the inbox. If you don't want NHD to create a ticket from the email, put it in a folder.

Should you have any questions regarding any steps in this guide, please speak with the NetHelpDesk Support Team.

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