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Formerly known as NHEscalator, the new Notify program is a significant upgrade, and includes new features, such as an Agent chat facility, and enhanced telephone features.

In the local files installed on your workstations, the latest notify.exe file will be present, and is upgraded automatically when the version on your server upgrades also. To run Notify:

Notifications and Pop-up

Notify is your local workstation assistant, and one of the features is to help you keep your eye on what is happening in the help desk software's database, whether you are in the main product at the time, or not.

In each Agent account, they can select in the Notifications tab of their account, the topics they wish to keep current on. If choosing a Pop-up Notification, when the database event has occurred, NetHelpDesk creates a pop-up message, and the NHServer program processes it. It will send the notification to the Agent's machine, which is identified by the PC name or the IP address specified in their account.

Notify 11

If the Agent is not an administrator, and the "This Agent can modify their own notifications" option is checked, then they can access these settings by going to N > My Account > My Settings > Notifications.

If the Agent is not an administrator, and the Agent is not allowed to modify their own notifications, an administrator user will need to set these in N > Setup > Main Conifguration > Agents > Notifications.

If you're unsure of what level access you have, please contact our support team.

PLEASE NOTE: If any Agent login has had pop-up notifications switched on, but not used either the NHEscalator program, or the Notify program, the database may have lots of notifications built up ready to send, once you switch these on.

Even if they are not set right now, but have been previously and since switched off, these events will still be stored in the database waiting to send.

If you suspect this is the case, usually if you have been using NetHelpDesk for quite some time, it may be worth actioning this functionality at a quieter time, perhaps towards the end of the working day. Let NHServer process all legacy notifications first, before implementing.

Notify 1

Once the program is launched, it will open to show your fellow Agent logins. A red dot indicates that the Agent is not logged in. A green dot indicates that the Agent is logged in. Your login will not appear in the list, as your fellow Agents will not appear in their own programs either. NHD is working as intended here.

The notifications tab will show all previous, unread notifications that need your attention.

Notify 3

Pop-up Notifications

As new activities occur in the database, if the notifications have been activated for the Agent, and the name/IP address of their machine specified in the settings, they will start to receive pop-up windows towards the bottom right of their screen, just above the tool bar. They will disappear after a few moments, or the small blue x in the top right hand corner closes the window. Click on the notification to read more. Here are some examples:

Notify 2

You will notice that the Notify Icon will change colour based on activity. Red, if something needs action. Blue, if everything is OK.


Alongside the pop-up notifications, the information will appear in the Notifications tab of the Notify screen. The count will show how many notifications remain, and need to be read or actioned.

Notify 4

Making Phone Calls

If the Call Management functionality has been switched on, and your telephone system has been integrated with NetHelpDesk, the Notify program can be used along side it. The extent of the functionality with Notify will depend on the type of phone system you have chosen, and any available API that allows us to integrate. We have pre-configured some existing systems already, so see the separate guides for those.

If you click the blue telephone icon (figure B in the explanations in this guide), it will allow you to enter a telephone number to dial from your workstation. This can be manually entered, and must include any relevant prefixes required to make the call connect, such as numbers for outside lines, or country codes, for example.

Notify 5

Chat Facility

Notify also comes with an internal chat facility, which allows Agents to communicate with each other outside of tickets. This can be used for any kind of communication or reason you choose. The majority of customers like this feature, as it allows the exchange of ideas between skillsets. Whilst on a conference telephone call, they may be able to easily answer a question when the call doesn't concern their area, but are unable to answer in person, or on another telephone call. They may be in the middle of completing an important task, and a colleague may need to ask a question. Emails add to everyone's workload, and asking in person would distract them from their task, meaning inefficiency.

To initiate a chat:

Notify 10

As with most chat software, the facility records, time and date stamps, the chat. NetHelpDesk allows each person to interact on the chat as they would like. Each Agent can personalise their font and size of font usage in the chat windows, to easily separate their identity from their peers. There are defaults in place to make it readable.

Notify 8

To set a ticket number to discuss, do this at the beginning of the chat, by going to Tools > Set Ticket in the Chat window. It will ask for a Ticket ID you are discussing.

Notify 9
Notify 12

If the chat is useful, and needs to be added to the ticket being discussed, go to Tools > Save Chat To Ticket and an Agent Chat action will be added to the ticket. This action is automatically set to private, and is hidden from the end-user in email summaries, action summaries and self-service web portal access. This can be overridden, as necessary, by editing the action afterwards.

Notify Settings

The Notify settings page will have 2 slightly different screens, depending on how you access the program. The first screen here shows the screen for local installation, and will be seen if accessing Notify from a local installation on a workstation.

Notify 7

The second screen here shows the screen shown if accessing Notify from the server, where login credentials are not set. We always recommend launching Notify from the main program, by going to N > Processes > Launch Notify.

Notify 6

Should you have any questions regarding any steps in this guide, please speak with the NetHelpDesk Support Team.

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