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Pagerduty Integration

Two way integration between NetHelpDesk and Pagerduty can be set up in NetHelpDesk. tickets created in NetHelpDesk can be sent to Pagerduty, new incidents created in Pagerduty will be created in NetHelpDesk, and actions or notes added in each system will be updated in the other one. This integration is available in version 10.33.01 of NetHelpDesk onwards.

1. Setting up the integration:

From the NetHelpDesk Windows client, go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Integrations.

Pagerduty 1

On the Services settings screen, under Integrations you will see Pagerduty. Select this to begin setting up the integration.

Pagerduty 2

A web page will now display where you will need to enter your login credentials for your Pagerduty account. Enter your credentials, and select the Authorise Integration button.

Pagerduty 3

Once you have authorised NetHelpDesk to access your Pagerduty account, you will be redirected to a screen where you can create or select a Pagerduty Service to use with NetHelpDesk. When you have selected a Service, click the Finish Integration button and the form will close automatically.

You will now be presented with the Pagerduty Integration settings screen.

Pagerduty 4

Now we need to get an API key from Pagerduty and put this in the box (B). To do this, open Pagerduty, and select Configuration > API Access.

Pagerduty 5

On the next screen, select Create New API Key.

Pagerduty 6

Enter NetHelpDesk as the description, and ensure that “v2” is selected for the API version, and Read-only API key is not selected.

Pagerduty 7

The next screen will give you the API key. Please copy the API key, and then paste it into the text box (B).

Pagerduty 8

Now, select a Ticket Type and select Close and then Save.

Pagerduty 8

2. Email Rules (Optional)

Now we can configure an email rule to allow Emails that are sent into NetHelpDesk that match certain criteria automatically be synchronised to Pagerduty.

Go to N > Setup > Main Configuration > Email > Email Rules.

Pagerduty 9

Either create a new rule or edit an existing one. Now that the Pagerduty integration has been set up there will be a checkbox at the bottom of the page captioned “Create a new incident in Pagerduty when an email matches this rule and creates a new ticket”.

Set up your rule to capture emails meeting your criteria, check this checkbox, and select Save to finish creating your email rule. You can set up as many of these as you require.

Pagerduty 10

3. Using the Integration

Now that the integration with Pagerduty has been set up, a few new options will be available when handling tickets that have been synced from Pagerduty, and the NHServer process will perform a few additional actions.

The NHServer process will now check recently created incidents in Pagerduty. If they are not yet in NetHelpDesk a new ticket will be created. If they are in NetHelpDesk, the ticket will be updated with vital information, such as if the incident has been closed.

The New Ticket screen in the windows client will now have an option to send to Pagerduty. Checking this box will create an incident that links to the NetHelpDesk ticket when the ticket is created.

Pagerduty 11

A link to view the Pagerduty incident will be displayed on the ticket details screen.

Pagerduty 12

When responding to a ticket in the main windows client, the incident in Pagerduty will automatically be acknowledged.

When doing an action on the ticket in NetHelpDesk, the new action screen will show a checkbox captioned “Send to Pagerduty”. Checking this will post the note to the Pagerduty incident.

Pagerduty 13

When a ticket is closed in NetHelpDesk it will be Resolved in Pagerduty.

Posting is done to Pagerduty in the main windows client as soon as actions are performed. In the event that any post fails, the NHServer process will action any outstanding posts. Outstanding actions can be viewed, processed and in the event of errors the log file can be viewed (4)

Should you need any assistance with this, or any other feature in NetHelpDesk, simply contact us. We want you to get the most from the product, and our teams are always happy to help.

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