Enabling PHP

From version 10.30 of NetHelpDesk onwards, the NetHelpDesk web portal now uses PHP for some of the features, such as rich text on the web portal, the service catalogue and knowledgebase articles. This guide outlines the steps required to enable these features.

Add a handler mapping for php-cgi.exe

Enabling PHP 1

On the server which hosts the NetHelpDesk web portal, open up IIS. Select the site for the NetHelpDesk portal, and select Handler Mappings.

Select Add Module Mapping from the right-hand menu.

Enabling PHP 2

Add the module mapping as follows:

Then select Request Restrictions and ensure File or Folder is selected.

Enabling PHP 3
Enabling PHP 4

Save the handler mapping, and if prompted for FASTCGI application creation, click YES.

2. Add a Mime Type for .blob

Back in IIS, select MIME Types.

Enabling PHP 5

Click add, and set as follows:

Enabling PHP 6

Click OK to create the new MIME type.

Install ODBC Driver

If you do not have it installed already, please install Microsoft ODBC driver 11 for SQL Server. This is used to connect to the database.

These can be installed from

To confirm PHP is now working, in windows explorer browser to

“*Path to NetHelpDesk Web folder*\RichText\PHP”

Go to File > Open Command Prompt, and type “php-cgi.exe”. If there are no errors then PHP CGI is now working.

One common cause of errors is not having the latest Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio DLLs installed. These are included in the NetHelpDesk\Win\Password Reset, 32/64 bit folder, and can be copied to the RichText\PHP folder.

NetHelpDesk Database Connection

We now need to configure a connection to the NetHelpDesk database.

In the RichText folder, there is a file called “config_EDIT_ME.php”. Make a copy of this file and rename it “config.php”.

Enabling PHP 7

Open the “config.php” file. In there will be variables for host, database name, username and password.

Enabling PHP 8

If you need to change these from the default, these can be altered here. When done, save this file and all php related features will use this connection to the NetHelpDesk database.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are using a version before 10.65, the config php file will not exist. You will need to enter the connection details at the top of each PHP file instead.

If you have any further question, please contact the NetHelpDesk support team at

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