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Basic Projects

NetHelpDesk has been developed over the decades to be the very best request processing system it can be, allowing to track requests from beginning to end, and all actions on the request during its lifetime.

The Project Management within NetHelpDesk allows for calls to be linked together to manage a larger project, using Parent and Child relationship style, to allow sleek traceability, time and resource management and fluid communications.

Whether your projects are part of your Requests, or separated into their own “Projects” area, is entirely your decision as a business. Project Requests have all the same wonderful features as any other request type would have, but in this guide, we discuss the options available to you to use them specifically for projects. The “Projects Area” usage with advanced workflows and so on, is detailed in this guide under “Project Management”.

Basic Project Example 1:

Let’s say that a new project needs to be raised to get a new Laptop for the new Manager that just started. A parent is raised called “New Manager’s New Laptop”, and that parent request is assigned to Jayne, who ensures the project as a whole is completed efficiently.

As part of that project, Jayne creates 4 child requests to order the new laptop from the third party Supplier, another to configure a new one from stock with the standard configuration for Managers, another to create the new user on the network, patch a new phone port at their desk, another one to patch the network port, and assigns all four child requests to Dan, Andrew, Katie and Teresa respectively, to look after each particular task.

In this instance, all four tasks can be done at the same time, and none of them reliant on the other one being completed, in order for work to commence on that task.

Parent and Child Relationships

The functionality in NetHelpDesk allows for “Parent and Child” relationships between Requests. This means that lots of smaller tasks, or “Child” Requests can be linked to one larger “Parent” request, which “in charge” of the “Child” requests.

Each of the requests, regardless of whether parent or child, can be assigned to the Technicians that are in charge of that request. Each request can only be assigned to one Technician at any one time, but can be reassigned if necessary.

In Project Example 1, Jayne can update her parent request with notes, and choose to add the same note to the child requests, and also oversee high level status of child requests from within her parent requests using the “Linked Requests” tab.

Linking Requests Together

Cloning Requests

Cloning requests can be a fast way to create multiple requests for use in Projects, so we have added this explanation here for those who will find it beneficial.

Actions on a Request

As with all requests, all of the actions you add to any type of request will be recorded against it during its lifetime. The good thing with Request Types in NetHelpDesk is that you can specify a whole host of defaults to occur when raising that call. These include:

All of these can be set by editing the Request’s details in the setup. You can use one, a few or all of them. The choice is yours.

To Do Lists inside requests

Against all requests, Technicians can have their very own To-Do list. They can be added to during the request’s life, pre-populated from a template, or a mixture of both. As you can see from the example above, it is very self-explanatory on how to add To Do items to the list, deleted, add from template, and set actual start date.

As each one is selected and completed, it will record the Technician login that carried out the action, and when this was done. Great functionality for auditing, and ensuring internal processes are being followed correctly.

Request Templates to use for Basic Projects

With NetHelpDesk, Request Templates have so many features available, which are perfect for a basic project setup, with multiple steps that need to be followed for quality and auditing purposes. If you are going to create templates for parent requests, with child requests attached, start with the child requests first. Then add the child requests to the parent request, whilst you are creating the parent request.

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