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If you have certain categories of work that require specific types of skill set from your team, it is best to only assign people in your team with the relevant qualifications for the job. In IT, it wouldn’t be useful to send a telephone engineer to a server issue, or a dessert chef to go and make hors d'oeuvres.

By creating Qualification lists, and assigning categories to them, and then listing against your team what qualifications they have, NetHelpDesk can help you pick the correct person for the job the first time.

To switch this function on:

1. Go to Options > Setup > Advanced Request Settings > Miscellaneous and enable the checkbox called Enable Qualification Matching .

Qualifications 1

2. Once completed, go to the Advanced Features tab, and click Qualifications.

3. The Qualifications list will display, and if no one has tried editing this before, the list will be empty initially.

4. Click Add and give the Qualification a description. Here, we have use the example of a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) who may be needed to assist with training on Microsoft products, where necessary. It doesn’t need to be a formal qualification. It can be anything you need to help run your business.

5. Click Add Category to start adding a list of categories of tickets that you would like to associate with this particular skill set. Here we added Training as a basic example.

Qualifications 2

6. Once you have a qualification, and the categories associated with it, NetHelpDesk will then need to know which Technicians are associated with the qualification.

7. Go to the Basic Setup tab, and click Technicians. If the terminology for Technicians has been changed, this option will be labelled differently. Examples used by other Customers include, Engineers, Support Staff, Workers, Employees, Operatives, and so on.

8. Edit the relevant Technician account, and go to the Qualifications tab.

9. Click Add and the list of Qualifications added in the previous steps will now be available.

Qualifications 3

10. Once all are added, click OK > Exit > OK to save your new choices.

11. If a call has a category assigned to it that matches those specified in the Qualification, when you go to reassign the call, it will place an *asterisk to beginning of their name, so they appear at the top of the list.

Qualifications 4

12. Now the ticket can be assigned to someone who can train users, rather than someone who cannot.

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