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Quotation Word Letters Guide

If you go to N > Setup > Main Config > Reporting > Word templates > Quotation Letters (from drop down), you will see the below screen:

quotation word 1

On this page, you can configure new word letter templates and restrict them per section. All you need to do is highlight a section, and select add to show this screen:

quotation word 2

From here you can edit the word document that is used for this template, whilst also adding section restrictions to this template under section permissions. If you then go into a quote, you have the option to make a word document. Selecting this will allow you to then choose the template you wish to use:

quotation word 3

This then loads the document and gives you the option to attach this document to the ticket. You can further restrict access to these word templates in a technicians settings. If you go to N > Setup > Main Config > Technicians > Edit Technician > Permissions Tab:

quotation word 4

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